Jones and the Staff of Kings Will Contain Exclusive Wii Content

LucasArts has confirmed they do have a new Indiana Jones title in the works and the Wii version will contain Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis as unlockable content.

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CrAppleton3598d ago

I wonder if there will be any "Wii Wanking" with the whip.. Grundy?

roblef3598d ago

Wank this, nazi scum!

ammonator3598d ago

That term is so wrong, but there is no other way to accurately describe the action. Somehow I think there will be plenty more games that will require "Wii Wanking" while playing.

supercharger51503598d ago

for sure, and it's a perfect way to implement the wiimote motions. Similar to fishing in Twilight Princess.

bgrundman3598d ago

Everybody loves exclusive Wii content... any ideas why this isn't coming to the PS3 or 360?

supercharger51503598d ago

It's coming for the PS2, not 3...?

bgrundman3598d ago

My guess is that this is a move to try to save money on LucasArt's part.

killyourfm3598d ago

Yea, I take that to mean 1 of 2 things. Either the game is being developed on a budget, or they're going for a more casual audience.

Unlisted 3rd option: Lazy development team? LOL

CrAppleton3598d ago

Yeah.. My Wii needs more attention.. so I guess it's a good thing

Voiceofreason3597d ago

Or maybe they already know PS3/360 gamers will pass on it because it doesnt revolve around smacking ho's and it isnt a FPS.

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roblef3598d ago

Snakes! Why does it have to be snakes!?

supercharger51503598d ago

The original Lucas Arts press release mentioned the DS stylus also working well as the whip... So for those of us divorced from consoles it still may be an interesting play.

Saladfax3597d ago

Fate of Atlantis as unlockable content? Awesome. That's back during the adventure games era of Lucas Arts, before they starting excessively dry-humping the Star Wars franchise.

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