Uncharted 2: The Best Looking Game This Generation?"However after seeing bits and pieces of Uncharted 2, how long Killzone 2 will be able to hold its ground is a rather flummoxing argument, since Naughty dog's creative force also gets uncovered this year."

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DA_SHREDDER3425d ago

Thats a dumb question. Uncharted has been the best since 2007. Did anyone believe there is something prettier then that game?

Nice3425d ago

I own a PS3...that's about it...

jammy_703425d ago

2 of the best looking games on ps3 WICKED!

Sarcasm3425d ago

I hate these comparisons... Come on, PS3 owners will get to enjoy ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of them.

Cut it with the "Ohhh GT5 will have better graphics" or "God of War will have better graphics"


/happy rant


Timberland2K93425d ago

it rocked im waiting for it to go greatest hits before i buy it

PistolPumptMonk3425d ago

The best thing is, the only thing challenging PS3 games for best graphics from now on? Other PS3 games...

Reminds me of when the PS2 started showing its true potential with games like MGS3 and God Of War.

It's only gonna get prettier folks... sit back and enjoy :D

OGharryjoysticks3425d ago

But the biggest killer of pretty looks is screen tearing. I don't have a problem with anything else graphics wise when it comes to games in general, but once I catch a screen tear, the games that have them lack the basic complete/solid quality that really means something to me. I've never kept a game that has it. Aliasing issues are the difference between a classic and a good game. Here's hope they fix that. Fingers crossed.

no-spin3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

excuse me, but i was playing uncharted last night and could not stop wondering at how great it looks and smooth it runs. check the voltage on your receptor, because the PS3 is power hungry :)

can someone define screen tear. i see it running smoothly
i want to stress the point that the PS3 is power hungry, and low voltage can affect this so called screen tear problems, which i dont see. i have may electronic hooked on a back up battery

UnwanteDreamz3425d ago

Here we go again. This wont end well....

thor3425d ago

Actually Uncharted did suffer from aliasing/screen tearing. Didn't stop it from looking gorgeous - but it could have looked even better.

nix3425d ago

so PS3 owners win both ways... q:

CrazzyMan3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )


Though, Uncharted 2 already is looking GREAT.
And seeing what PS3 can do on it`s 2nd year i can say for sure, there will be MANY GREAT/AMAZING looking games on PS3 in next 5-7 years. :)

Lifendz3425d ago

but only Killzone has really trumped Uncharted imo. It was bright, vibrant, and oh so fluid. The animations are still great to watch. I can't wait to see where Naughty Dog goes with the engine.

ThatArtGuy3425d ago

Screen tearing is a phenomenon in video where a newly rendered frame overlaps a previously rendered frame, creating a torn look as two parts of an object (such as a wall) don't line up. This occurs when the output device sends frames out of sync with the display's refresh rate.

Screen tearing can occur on all display types but is most common with video games and videos decoded and shown by computers, as heavy processing can limit synchronization capabilities. It is less common with other mediums such as DVD players and TVs since the frames are not dynamically generated as they are with computers, but are preset. The frame rate given to the display device is therefore more constant and reliable.

no-spin3425d ago

well based on that i have to say that is a minimal inconvenience in Uncharted. i strongly recommend to connect your PS3 and other electronics to a battery backup with voltage regulator. The PS3 is power hungry computer, and i noted the difference when i bought the back up battery, specially in GT5p.
the same happens when the 360 is used with the nyko intercooler EX, the loss of voltage cause a lot of visual issues.

cmrbe3425d ago

until MGS4 landed. MGS4 to looked better than Uncharted as it was polished to perfection.

I have no doubt that Uncharted 2 will look better overall than KZ2 and MGS4 though not by much. The Graphics for uncharted was a huge bounus but in the end what really made uncharted standout is its fluid and fun gameplay in my opinion.

I said this a couple of times already but i am looking forward to Uncharted 2 more than KZ2 this year. I am not really a big FPS fan.

LightofDarkness3425d ago

Quite simply, yes.

I'm sure I'll get a tonne of disagrees, but I believe Uncharted looks better than Killzone 2, and Uncharted 2 looks even better. Killzone 2 is a mixed bag graphically, some parts look great (amazing, even), but others are noticeably lacking. Uncharted is consistently gorgeous throughout, from animation to textures to lighting, and for that reason, as well as it's stellar gameplay, it retains it's crown as the greatest PS3 game so far. MGS4 reigns in at a close second, whilst Killzone 2 may just take it's spot as the third. Come on, U2....

JBaby3433425d ago

I played it 2 nights ago and was still impressed. As far as screen-tearing when the game first released I noticed screen-tearing but with firmware updates I haven't noticed any anymore.

Traveler3425d ago

Uncharted is still the best-looking game on consoles at the moment (that is, until Killzone 2 lands).

Getting a game that looks as good as Uncharted in the first year of the PS3's life I just knew that there was going to be really good things in store--graphically--for the PS3.

The good thing is, if you own a PS3 you get to enjoy both games (Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2). Besides, super graphics are just icing on the cake for these games. Awesome gameplay and other qualities are what make these games really shine.

Sevir043425d ago

I mean there is , Motorstorm, LBP, Ratchet, Gran Turismo 5, Heavenly sword, uncharted, MGS4, KZ2, R2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Wardevil... the list goes on. all of these could be considered, graphical monsters and all have been called the pinacle of the PS3, it's just so awesome that we can have so many titles that look heads and shoulders above whats on the other platform, and all have them called the best looking, one minute it's HS the next it's GT5, the next moment it's MGS4, Lair the next it's KZ2 and so forth, what is it on that other console.... Gears of war 1, and Gears of War 2 and... ... Gears of war 2.

when first party games are this good and the bar is constantly being set to new heights it just makes and solidifies just what kind of machine you get with the PS3, bleeding edge tech with games that show it, if this is all year 1,2 and 3 games we are seeing now, what will year 5, 6, 7, and so forth look like?

CaseyRyback_CPO3425d ago

multiplatform games that cant compete graphically with any games you've mentioned. Useless, yes. But hey, its their argument not mine.

pain777pas3425d ago

This is the best looking game that still looks like a game I've ever seen period. NO texture BS just beautiful colours and graphical greatness.

pukka_p3425d ago

I think screen tearing is a deliberate attempt to maintain frame rate. If the game is trying to hold a constant frame rate, but there's too much going on and it can't cope, you can either complete each frame fully (and the frame rate drops), or you just don't bother finishing rendering frames and move on to the next (frame rate keeps up, but screen tearing happens).

I am fairly confident I read that somewhere authoritative, but no doubt someone will correct if it's bs!

Tru_Ray3424d ago

But who cares? We PS3 owners can reap the benefits of both games! The experience of one will in no way detract from the experience of the other.


Danja3424d ago

well since neither Uncharted 2 or KZ2 has been released yet....

MGS4 is still the best looking game this gen IMO..

Uncharted is a close second

Man_of_the_year3424d ago

Uncharted 2 is not even out...there have been 1 trailer that looks just like the original and now we are getting flame bait saying this...i swear the Sony fanboys are Sony's greatest marketing achievement.

EVERY SINGLE PS3 game is HYPED up to the MAX before anything is released and the Sony leg humpers proclaim the same BS all the time - then when the game comes out its an average game.

KZ2 was the most recent to fall to the OVER HYPED sony game list - what is Metacritic got it at right now? 93/100 and that is not including EDGE's review of 7/10 which will drop the score to about 91-92 which is lower than HALO 3, Gears 1&2...COME ON SONY Fanboys get a grip on yourselves - sites like these live off of your ignorance!!!

Sevir043424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Man of the year, You are MS's greatest marketing achievement. enjoy looking from the outside while we play this great game and all the other titles that land on the ps3. enjoy halo and gears.

Edit #1...

Right right according to metacritic they are bot better than KZ2 by a whole.. GASP!... 1 to 2 points, tell me really, can you see or feel that 1 or 2 points difference in being better? can you. because i cant. having played and enjoying both i cant see how much better they are considering I've enjoyed them both.

I don't need to come up with anything better because your comment inadvertently loops you into the same group you are condemning. So by that forte, you owned yourself.

Good day though, continue with the pre determined over hyped rubbish you all love to throw out when a game is plain out great. since fanboy loyalty stands so high in you and all the other fanboys that preach from that overhyped sony game sermon.

Man_of_the_year3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

LOL way to regurgitate my comment because you couldn't come up with something on your own...

And i will enjoy Halo and gears - as it would appear that most of the industry considers both to be more fun and a greater experience playing according to the reviews of the most popular gaming review sites have stated. Metecritc as a source...

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Pennywise3425d ago

Keep 'em rolling out Sony!

TheHater3425d ago

that this is this game will be a third generation playstation 3 game. The future look bright for PS3 owners.

locos853425d ago

Yes, Now most games are building on their original engines and will keep improving them. Notice, Resistance 1 and R2, Uncharted 1 and now Uncharted 2. I can't wait to see what K3 will look like now that they have the engine for that game made up. I see K3 coming out in 2011.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3425d ago

If Uncharted 2 isn't the best looking game of 2009,then Heavy Rain or Killzone 2 will take that title.

Notice something about the games mentioned above?

BigKev453425d ago

Yeah, they are Xbox 360 games.

TheHater3425d ago

The fact that three people agree with you is just sad.

SupaPlaya3425d ago

Perhaps people are agreeing with him because they think he's trying to be sarcastic and funny?

At least that's what I thought when I read his comment.

Lombax3425d ago

A sarcastic comment every now and then is nice. But then comes another guy getting but hurt because he didn't catch the sarcasm. Its a vicious cycle.

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achira3425d ago

no kz2 is best. but uncharted 2 will be nice to.

infamousinfolite3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Well uncharted 1 looked good in 2007 so to say uncharted 2 maybe the best looking game this generation i'd say its a safe bet.