New 'The Warriors' game headed to XBLA this summer

Paramount Digital Entertainment has just announced a new Xbox Live Arcade game based on The Warriors, planned for release this summer. The brawler is part of a 30th anniversary celebration that will include a new comic book series and "other products and entertainment". The new game will feature, of course, the movie's trademark gangs, fighting each other.

However, don't expect a sequel to the acclaimed 2005 Warriors game by Rockstar -- this game is being made by developer CTXM and not Rockstar Games.

Check out the trailer after the break! Oh, and "Warriors, come out to play-ay!" Just because it's important to work that into every post about The Warriors.

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Hellsvacancy3600d ago

But after wacthing the gameplay video im really not that bothered

Im a MASSIVE Warriors fan

N4Garbage3600d ago

Nothing can top what Rockstar did for the game.

But it looks good for an XBLA title and it most likely will have online.

So I will scoop it up just to play with friends.

Big fan of the movie.