Nyko Finally Show off PS3 Intercooler

Nyko has now put online its PS3 intercooler system for all to see.

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OutpostCommand4304d ago

That looks...interesting.
I would only buy it if I kept my PS3 in a dusty corner though.
Other than that, I dont see why the stock fans are not good enough.
But overall, yeah, nice product.

ammojoe4304d ago

Nobody put baby in a corner. :P

ammojoe4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

bloody double post!

fenderputty4304d ago

I'm not getting it simply beacuse after running mine for 6 hours, the thing isn't hot.

Sashy4304d ago

I will definetly buy this thing. Extends the live of Ps3 ! Omfg cool

r10004304d ago

I rather them release some type of anti dust product... I'm cleaning that thing all the time.


i like how x box is turning into a jigsaw Etc fans,hd dvd and crap

Now ps3
forget it man

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The story is too old to be commented.