2009 Zune to compete with PSP? Underground Hype 9

Unfortunately, it's been a while since you probably heard from us. We're a few days late but no harm, no foul, right? The last time we heard from our boy Rell was back when the Japanese Resident Evil 5 demo was released, but he's finally arisen from the grave and there to welcome him back are Adrian, Quentyn, Mike, and Keem as Underground Hype presents to you the gaming industry's most hot topics in the realest way possible (as long as you can excuse Mike and his senseless banter about the Playstation 3 and Sony.)Hit the jump for the topics that were covered and to listen to Episode 9!

Publisher Comment: I know the FP image isn't an official Zune prototype.

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Darkseider3598d ago

OK. First things first. The Zune has to be able to compete in its' primary market which is MP3 player and it is fully incapable of doing that. To even think for a moment that it has an ice cube's chance in hell of being a portable gaming device is even funnier. It's silly really. Apple is TRYING to tout its' iPhone and iPod touch as a portable gaming device and now MS is trying to follow their footsteps. Sadly, neither the Apple products nor MS's delusional Zune is a portable gaming device crap has any hope of making any impact. The Nintendo DS and PSP have a solid install base and excellent software. A phone is a phone, a MP3 player is a MP3 player. Notice that neither the PSP or DS are phones? Apple and MS should take a page from the nGage and see how well that did before they even try.

Godmars2903597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well, all MS really has to do is make a portable Halo game and that's most of their 360 following right there.

As for Apple, the iPhone is doing well enough moonlighting as handheld.

Oh yeah, forgot - joke :p

RememberThe3573597d ago

It's f*cking ugly. Then they redesign it and made it uglier. Good job MS messing your only good piece of hardware.

doctorstrange3598d ago

but i doubt they would call it a zune due to its bad public image

3598d ago
blackboyunltd3598d ago

having worked with xna, i see the zune possibly turning into an xbox 360 portable, and can compete if marketed well

PhantomMD3598d ago

Not going to happen.... didn't MS just layoff a bunch of folks from the Zune and XBOX teams?
I love my Zune but I just dont see it competing with the PSP.

ogwilson3598d ago

Actually, they never stated that the people they laid off were in the Gaming and Entertainment division. It was actually on the business side of the company that got hit.

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