NPD Group says discs don't have to fear downloads... yet

When NPD asked people about their home entertainment purchases over the past three months, 48% of respondents said they bought a DVD or Blu-ray Disc. That compares to 2% who downloaded a movie or TV episode, and 2% who digitally rented a movie or TV show. In videogames, about one-third of respondents said they bought packaged software for a console, and fewer than 5% said they had digitally downloaded a game.

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MGOelite3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

in 10-15 years when there will be worldwide free internet running at 1 GB/s then just MAYBE DD will be successful (im talking about downloading full games btw)

cmrbe3448d ago

in another 10-15 years time we will have super ultra HD with content size of at least 1 terabyte. Then we will be back to square one again.

This is the fundamental problem with DD. Content size increase outstrip infestructure capacity increase and penetration. Anyone in rural 3rd world countries can get blu ray on dics unlike DD.

I don't hate DD at all. Now i store all my music and Movies and TV series on my external hardrive except for Blu-ray movies. DD will coexist with physical media for a long long time. Eventually i see DD taking more market share but it will take a really long time for DD to be more popular then physical media throughout the whole world.


Who believes that DD is taking over is the people who has an xbox and the people who bought a HD-DVD . I'm still buying CD's when I can get it for free . physical copy is always the best .

kewlkat0073448d ago

as speeds get better it will only increase. For the average consumers Quality is not a big deal.

XxZxX3448d ago

Right there, First DD promoter come to defend DD. well enjoy 2% of the market for now. I'll see you in the future.