New Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Gameplay Trailer

The welcome but rarely used practice of providing one uncut sequence for the trailer has been utilized by Atari rather than a series of quick cut action sequences.

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ape0073478d ago

riddick on xbox 1 was awesome
and it's one of very few movie based games that is actually good

can't wait

Raoh3478d ago

really good move including the first one.

really happy to hear that.

FanBoyismShouldDie3478d ago

i loved the first one so much, and was happy to hear they were making a remake, and then even happier when they said they were making a full out sequel plus the original on it, makes me happy lol

N4Garbage3478d ago

They should have licensed the RAGE engine.

Looks good.

Loved the first one on original Xbox.

SeanScythe3478d ago

I just hope you can stop the cut scenes for each time you climb something. I watched other videos and anytime he would climb a crate it would cut away from FP and show an animation. I'd rather just see my hands reach up and be done with it.