Joystiq: Prototype Hands-On

Within seconds, Joystiq was able to run along the sides of buildings, glide through the air, and take down tanks with the greatest of ease. Prototype, Activision's upcoming open-world super hero game, is undoubtedly an ambitious project. However, in spite of the game's diverse move set, the team at Radical Entertainment has managed to streamline the experience, presenting a control scheme that's instantly rewarding.

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Dipso3479d ago

Killzone 2, inFamous, Fat Princess then Prototype and all washed down with Uncharted 2..that's the year pretty much covered for me, unless Kratos makes an appearance.

JokesOnYou3479d ago

"Movement is quite possibly the most impressive facet of the game: absolutely nothing will ever get in your way. Want to take on a tank? Lock on and simply fly there. A building in your way? Simply run towards it ... and then up it, ignoring all effects of gravity."

-This game looks like a riot, reminds me of that old Incredible Hulk game I really liked on xbox, except with alot more abilities...sweet.


-EvoAnubis-3479d ago

Looks like it might be a goos rental, but a little to basic for my tastes. If everything you come across you can kill that easily, including a tank, then where's the challenge?

Nah, I'm just going to stick with inFamous.