Pricing of Windows 7 Detailed

"Microsoft unveiled its upcoming six editions of Windows 7, now windows-secrets reveals their pricing. The cheapest Windows 7 Starter is sold at $199.95, and the flagship edition Windows 7 Ultimate is sold at $319.95."

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locos853598d ago

It should be free to those who unfortunately bought Vista. It came with my laptop, not by choice.....

St03598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I think it's free if someone bought a Vista PC on or after June 09, but it still should be free for every Vista owner

Ghoul3598d ago

i bought it. Ultimate version out of the need for a new OS license (professional user) and picked up the ultimate version.

I DEMAND a free windows 7 update (even though i wont use it XP till the day no program works with xp anymore)

Wife Of The Bad Guy3598d ago

What about those that have Vista,do they get a free update to Windows 7?

JustinSaneV23598d ago

Only if you buy Vista after this June (or it could be July...).

bviperz3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

For $20 more, I can say I've got the 'Ultimate' vice 'Professional'. Least it's cheaper (I think) than the initial Vista Prices. Should have a discount for current Windows owners. Least a rebate or something.

Kakkoii3598d ago

This was just a rumor by arstechnica. They have since retracted their story. So don't fall into the gossip people.

Meryl3598d ago

wow what a rip-off, m$ have a lot of cheek, and they are pushing their luck most of us are still happy with xp, just keep on improving xp, we don't wan't a new gui, we like xp.. if they ever try to force us all to upgrade well linux is gonna be getting installed, that way i upgrade when i want to and it don't cost me ought and it still supports all my apps lool