Dead Space Predictions

Not so long ago EA announced Dead Space for the Wii. It's still unknown if it will be a port or not, however this news has cause some controversy. What are the two sides of the argument, and what does this announcement means to Wii owners?

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mastiffchild3594d ago

As long as they don't try to recreate the game exactly as it was on PS360 as the Wii isn't up to the kind of visuals in the game. Make it a prequel or change the artstyle to a more graphic novel look and make the controls as tight as Re4 on the Wii and there's your ready made market. Capcom, while RE5 couldn't ever have looked the way it does on PS360 on the Wii,could still have kept Wii owners in the loop after the great success of Resi4 on the console.
Those that bought and enjoyed that on Wii would definitely be up for a slice of DS, imo, so EA stand to gainm from Re4 while Capcom make Wii owners sut through the terror(and not in the scary Zombie way they might have hoped)of the debacle of Dead Rising CTYD.
Done right they could sell this well on Wii, jusr hot if they go for the lazy assed copy that we're too used ro and do what the likkle white box does really well.