Gamasutra Interview: A History of Qwak

Starting off on the BBC Micro computer in 1989, Qwak has outlasted Bubsy, Aero the Acrobat, Alex Kidd, Titus the Fox, the Battletoads, and countless other animal heroes who had far more expensive games and far bigger marketing pushes.

Qwak's longevity is the work of Jamie Woodhouse, the programmer who first assembled the colorful duck's original 80-level game. Over the past two decades, Woodhouse has made Qwak an Amiga and Amiga CD 32 title, a limited-edition Game Boy Advance homebrew, and, most recently, a downloadable PC version.

With Qwak turning 20, Gamasutra asked Woodhouse about the game's history and just how it's weathered two decades.

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