Editorial: April '09 PS3 price cut almost guarenteed

Gamezine: 'It would not only be the perfect time for a price cut, but it's almost guaranteed.

We reported on IGN's prediction that the PlayStation 3 would get a price cut this year. Well, it was pretty obvious that this was the case. Not only does the console need a price cut to compete with other consoles on the market, but Sony is fast reducing the manufacturing cost of the console, and so will be able to afford it.

Some point to the company's huge losses and argue that there's no way Sony could take a bigger loss on the PlayStation 3. However, they might not need to.

SCEE head David Reeves appeared to hint that the PlayStation 3 was already making a profit, which is evidenced in the Games Division's Q3 slight profit.

The numbers made it clear that the PlayStation 3 was the main bread winner for the games division, by selling the most hardware and software. Now, if the company has been able to reduce the manufacturing cost of the PS3 so far that they're now making a slight profit on every console sold, then there's even more room to breath.

So why would they cut the price when they've only just begun making a profit?'

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Mr_Bun3598d ago

"Almost Guaranteed" that like "100% maybe"?

techie3598d ago

More like definitely after April, probably in April.

XxZxX3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

kinda like 98% but dont underestimate the 2%

Karum3598d ago

bubbles to casey for the anchorman line

pswi603598d ago

almost oxymoron, kinda like military intelligence or unbiased opinion or found missing

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Darkseider3598d ago

Well we all know a price cut will be happening this year but the question has always been when and how much. I postualted last year that it will happen around June of this year and will be a $50 - $75 cut. Even with reduced manufacturing costs due to better manufacturing processes, etc... I don't see a full $100 slash in this economy. IF (see I said IF) the yen were to weaken up some and the exchange rate was more favorable as it was throughout 2007 and early 2008 than a $100 may have been possible. Unfortunately in the current economic situation I don't think it would be possible.

techie3598d ago

Well it's definitely after April...and I can see it happening that month too after reading this. Sony will want Killzone 2 as close in the minds of consumers as possible.

Oh and it's going to $100 - lots of deals are already doing the $50 thing.

crck3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

$50 cut with a bundled game and maybe a bigger hard drive. Announced at E3 in July. That's my guess.

techie3598d ago

not enough and too late imo

crck3597d ago

The PS3 was outselling the 360 when it was $50 more then the Pro system. Why drop it $100? That would make it the same price as the Pro. When the PS3 obviously offers more in terms of features. It would also put them deep into the red again for each system sold.

Milky3597d ago

LIES I TELL YOU, ALL LIEES!! Nooo the evil witch has beaten me again!
*dissolves into green goo*

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OGharryjoysticks3598d ago

Just because they make a profit one day doesn't mean the very next day they have to drop price. I'm still pretty sure they wait until E3 to announce a price drop that goes into effect the following day after the announcement. You have to remember this is Sony. The same Sony selling an 8 year old system for over a 100 bucks still. They are in this to make money, not lose it.

cmrbe3598d ago

this exactly what we thought would happen in 2008 but it didn't. Daivd Reeves interview mentioned alot of things that made me think that a price cut will not happen until at least mid year.

It really depends on when they are able to bring down manufacturing cost. The thing is. Even when they do cut the cost. It's not a garuntee that they will drop the price as they are focusing on being profitable. David stress this and the importance of it as it will keep Sony and shareholder happy with SCE which seems to be their main priority right now in these trouble times.

MS may have sold alot of units last year but they posted lower revenue compare to previous years because of their price cut last year. Its a delicate balance that they have to strike.

techie3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

No that's not what "we" thought. This makes perfect sense - they want a profit for 2008, but 2009 is now open for the pricecut.

They are concentrating on making a profit in their financial year. So they can cut the price in 2009 and still make a profit.

Why dis3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Dam I should have waited I just wasted $400 on this over hyped console 45 minutes ao.

solidjun53598d ago

you should change your name to "Why tell truth".

Why dis3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'm not Power of green.

My PSN ID is whydis1

Kyur4ThePain3598d ago

Well, then you're right idiot, aren't you?

If, in your mind, it's expensive and overhyped, why the f did you "buy" one?
You are pathetic.

heyheyhey3598d ago

we don't want your whiny ass on PSN anyway... go sell it to someone who will appreciate having it POG

Why dis3598d ago

Yeah because PS3 fanboys are the Boss of PS3 lol.

You guys are killing PS3

heroicjanitor3598d ago

Liar. Why do you always troll the ps3 section? Nothing news-worthy in the 360 section?

uie4rhig3598d ago

yet he says that he only just got it.. it's pathetic.. pathetic i tell ya!!

solidjun53597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well, I can flip that name to interpret something different but let's not go there.

Having a PSN name is not a prerequisite for owning the PS#. I can create a PSN name on my cousin's PS3 but it doesn't mean I own his system (I have my own). So, as far as I'm concerned, you're full of it Power of Green.

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