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That is the current retail price of 12 months of Xbox LIVE service. Most people sign up, then just let the account auto-renew every year. Frugal Xbox 360 gamers have been taking advantage of the latest barrage of deals on the 12+1 month Xbox LIVE card deals that have kicked off the new year.

With that being said, given the fact that both Sony and Nintendo offer their online services for free, the pressure is on Microsoft to continue to innovate and offer a reason for gamers to continue to pony up on their annual subscriptions.

What do you think?

Is a price drop or free Xbox LIVE gold subscription coming this generation?"

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MasFlowKiller3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It has to happen at some point this years if sony does a $100 price-cut,

any hardcore gamer will tell you that online is a most have and if sony does a $100 price cut then the cheapest 360 with live would only be $50 cheaper then that PS3 and with no hard-drive.

they should do this during E3 to steal some thunder from sony.

PixlSheX3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yeah riight..

The day XBL become free, is the day i'll consider to buy a xbox360.

GrieverSoul3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Count me in for one X360 when LIVE goes free!
Ill buy one, I know that for sure. But the RROD fear and the annual subscription puts me off. If LIVE goes free thats one less negative point for me to buy one.

Ghoul3598d ago

Live will never be free.

You can see tat in the past that if a company has a successfull product that wasnt free in te firstplace it wont go free of charge anytime in the future.

Reason: People are used to live the costs behind it and the simple fact that it isnt free. So it would be a strange move by ms to make it free

Anon19743598d ago

Think about it. Given MS's own data about XBL users, XBL gold accounts along are bringing in $700 million a year. Last year was their first profitable year ever and they made $400 million, and now from their last price cut we see profit is down over 60% from the holiday quarter the year before. MS games isn't a charitable organization last time I checked. Take away XBL fees and MS's games division isn't making a dime overall.

madpuppy3598d ago

and now that I and my friends and family now own PS3's I will probably cancel my account eventually. I hardly use it anymore.

XxZxX3598d ago

count me in too, free xbox live = must buy.

poopface13598d ago

I always thought that having xbox live for free would be a pretty big feature. They also make alot of money off other stuff that they sell online. With free live taht means more people will buy a 360 and actually hook it up to the internet. then they can see all the crap that microsoft wants to sell them.

Live was 50 back in the day when the couldn't sell anything except halo 2 dlc, now it should be free.

Lifendz3598d ago

You think they're going to drop this price? This is like free money to MS. It's probably what keeps their game division profitable after losing a billion plus just to fix broken systems. They're probably going to have to extend that warranty soon or face the wraith of launch owners whose consoles crap out after the warranty expires. Don't forget, they give you a refurbed system and not a new one. This means your system is highly likely to break again once it comes back to you.

Live may drop 20 bucks max but I don't ever see MS giving this away for free. It's MS. They've perfected the art of bleeding every penny they can out of their customers and their customers have dealt with this and broken systems and yet many remain loyal. No incentive to drop price.

Maxned3598d ago

No.. because people keep buying the xbox and xbox live so theres no point. I dont think I know a single person who owns an xbox 360 and doesnt have live (unless they dont have an internet connection)

skimming3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

If PS3 supports Netflix natively (guarenteed)
If PS3 starts to sell in higher numbers than Xbox consistently (depends on how much)
If sales of Xbox begins to tank (depends on how bad)

Definitely if PS3 supports Netflix without additional cost other than Netflix subscription fee, then I will purchase a PS3 and drop the Xbox Gold subscription; unless MS matches with free Gold Live, in which case I'll probably not buy a PS3.

The ball is in Sony's court. MS won't be blowing their wad first.

The Lazy One3598d ago

Why is it guaranteed? do you have a source of some sort? or are you just following some insane logic structure where exclusivity contracts don't exist?

tplarkin73598d ago

Microsoft can't say 'no' to $1 billion per year. Particularly when there is no competition.

madpuppy3596d ago

you people are weird....

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mirroredderorrim3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I will be there, if they steal anything from Sony. I will jump in and lend them a helping hand, because I have always wanted to roll my sleeves up, tuck my cigarettes in one cuff, and fight one on one with Steve Ballmer.

Personal dreams aside... I am interested in seeing where LIVE is headed with competition getting more fierce on the online front.

madpuppy3598d ago

Heh, just joking around, man.

but, seriously! In all the photos I see of him Old Ballmer is just covered in sweat!?
like he was wrestling a moose or something!

yoghurt3598d ago

I cant see it being free, whats 12,000,000 X $50, that's alot of money for msft to lose.

MasFlowKiller3598d ago

is ether that or give sony 09 if sony does the price cut

QUNE3598d ago

Anyone paying $50.00 a year for LIVE is lazy. You can find 13-month deals for $30.00. It will probably go lower, but not free.

gamfreak3598d ago

Oh c'mon, the bots has already getting use to being [email protected] over and over again, they don't mind.....! Hahahahahaha.

OGharryjoysticks3598d ago

The better PSN gets the harder it becomes to justify the fee for Live. No chance it stays a pay service by this time next year.