Firing Squad Review: Astro Gaming A40 Audio System

Gaming audio is one of those areas that have really come into its own in the past couple of years. An immersive audio experience can go a long way to pull the player into the game world. Unfortunately, to get a good positional experience, most users have had to resort to 5.1 speaker sets. While no one questions their effectiveness, they do tend to question things like space availability and price when one considers a 5.1 system. It's also no fun to have to turn your speakers down if you want to engage in any late night gaming sessions without waking the neighbors.

The A40 Audio system is actually two different products that work in conjunction to provide a discrete surround experience: the A40 Mixamp and A40 Headset. While Astro Gaming sells the products separately for $129.95 and $199.95 respectively, you can purchase both in a bundle for $249.95. While this route is certainly cheaper than buying them separately, it's by no means a small chunk of change. Before we start focusing on price, let's take a look at what the A40 audio system has to offer.

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rroded3597d ago

but why looked perfect for us :(

How much are one of those dudades to change mike inputs to usb for the ps3?

"PS3 requires the purchase of a separate connector that takes the PC jacks and converts them to a compatible USB connection. This was probably done to cut costs, however, the mixamp already has a USB port so adding in PS3 functionality could not have been that difficult."