The Sony-Microsoft-IBM Love triangle in games

Here's a 4,000 word review of the book The Race For a New Game Machine by VentureBeat writer Dean Takahashi, who wrote two books on the Xbox business. This review shows how IBM played both sides as it made chips for Sony and Microsoft, and reveals some of the mysteries behind the Cell and Xbox 360 microprocessors. It includes new insights beyond the initial reviews of the book which talked about how Microsoft stole Sony's chip designs.

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mirroredderorrim3478d ago

What a great read!

I think I may go pick this Book up for my downtime. Games are not the only things I enjoy, profusely. ;-)

shotgunkiwi3478d ago

Very Interesting article. Sets a few rumors straight and takes a good look at the behind the scenes power play of IBM-INTEL-SONY-MS.

divideby03478d ago

book was a good left out real juicy parts to be politically correct and not upset any of the customers

GrandTheftZamboni3478d ago

"Sony scared the bejeezus out of Microsoft in March, 2001, when it announced it would spend $400 million on an alliance with Toshiba and IBM."

"But Akrout said Bill Gates of Microsoft called up IBM CEO Sam Palmisano and essentially offered to pay a price that Palmisano couldn’t refuse. More than a billion dollars was at stake."

It looks like MS paid more (1 bil) than Sony (400 mil)???

mirroredderorrim3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Yes... they paid to get a modified version of the 'core'.. which is desperate, imo, because like all things Microsoft, again they are late to the party, except with coming out the gate first this generation, with hardware not fit for a hobo.

Again.. I say, late to the party, and when they are late, they buy catch-up.

However, times are changing.