IncGamers: Hot Mods 6/02: Crysis

IncGamers' Spanner Spencer dives into the world of modding, this time looking at the mods that have kept Crysis one of the most played FPS games on the PC.

An excerpt:
"Next to Half-Life 2, Crysis has become the single most modded source game available, which is pretty impressive considering the length of time it's actually been out."

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syrinx3571d ago

I have never looked at Crysis mods but this has given me a taste. Good article.

Leord3571d ago

Yeah, it's a big surprise. I would have thought Halflife or WC3 would be on top of that list...

Dorjan3571d ago

It's next to HL in the ratings I think.. isn't that what the article said?

thetamer3571d ago

yes it is. Well done mr I can read

thetamer3571d ago

No, I've not played the game yet, but you know what? The mods seem pretty polished and clean.

AndyA3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

The Manufacturing Concern mod sounds like its worth a punt. Interesting concept.

Leord3571d ago

What makes Crysis such a good modding potential anyway?

Dorjan3571d ago

No clue... Might have something to do with it's engine?

AndyA3571d ago

yeah, decent game engine. Great physics too.

LeonSKennedy4Life3571d ago

It comes with a sandbox editor.

That might have something to do with it.

Dorjan3571d ago

How much effort is needed to make a mod like that?

LeonSKennedy4Life3571d ago

More than you'll ever know, my friend.

It sucks BALLZ!

What's weird took me longer to make a Valentine's Day level for my girlfriend on LBP than it did to make my own tropical paradise on Crysis.

LBP is extremely intricate! I've played Garry's Mod for years...and LBP absolutely destroys it!

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