GamesAreEvil's First Look at Punisher: No Mercy

Brought to us by Zen Studios, a videogame developer and digital publisher known for their innovative arcade and action games, No Mercy is being handled by true fans of the comic, so fanboys need not worry. "The ZEN developers are huge Marvel fans, and the Punisher is certainly one of our favorite characters," said Zsolt Kigyossy, CEO of ZEN Studios. "With No Mercy, we're creating gameplay unlike anything else found on PSN. This includes unique features like character-specific taunts, many of which were pulled directly from the comics."

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CrAppleton3267d ago

The screenshots look awesome! I can't wait to get in on the online action!

bgrundman3267d ago

It does look pretty slick. Hopefully it won't have to go to black and white for the execution sequences this time.

Neco5123267d ago

screen shots are cool! i like the captions ha

bgrundman3267d ago

They are definitely unique, that is for sure.

Neco5123267d ago

i wonder why they went psn exclusive? that kinda sucks

Hobb3267d ago


CrAppleton3267d ago

Yeah, you would think that this would make a great game for the XBL, but PS3 snagged it all to themselves.. Looks like it's going to be freekin AWESOME though!

bgrundman3267d ago

looks like it is finally going to pay off being a PS3 owner.

Pennywise3267d ago

It probably has a lot to do with MS making it difficult to make a game for XBL and the file size limitations. Maybe Sony worked out a deal with them too.

BGrundman - looks like it is finally going to pay off being a PS3 owner?????? Come on man, being a PS3 owner has been paying off since I bought the system.

killyourfm3267d ago

Pennywise nailed the answer - and I have no doubt there was possibly some sweet talking and extra cash involved in the transaction.

CrAppleton3266d ago

I love my PS3.. but paying off since I bought it? Not a chance.. it collected more dust for the first 6 months I owned it than the dust pan.. but now I'm getting plenty of use out of it

Pennywise3266d ago

Well I was happy with HS and Warhawk took A LOT of my time. I always am now for a basketball game too... I occupied myself well with my PS3 at first.

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OGharryjoysticks3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Really great! But how much is it going to cost? I'm sure no less than 29.99

I'm sure it cost a few pennies to secure the Punisher license from Marvel and since it's exclusive they can charge what they want because how else do you get to play it. I'm a comic book nut, so I'm actually more excited about this game, it looks really great, than all the others (sorry Spider-Man you just never have good games) except for DC Universe and the next Marvel 4 player game.

CrAppleton3266d ago

I sure hope it doesn't cost that much.. =S Talk about a buzz kill

JimmyJames703267d ago

Gheez, with this being PSN exclusive, and MLB 09 getting good reviews, I'm wondering, why do I have a 360? Oh yeah, cause it ROCKS!

killyourfm3267d ago

I totally agree man, it streams some sweet Netflix action ;-)

CrAppleton3266d ago

HAHA.. I wouldn't go quite that far now Jimmy..

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