Can Microsoft Compete with Sony In '09?

"You all know by now that Sony is kicking it into high gear as the '09 season lineup starts out with anxiously awaited Killzone 2. But does Microsoft have what it takes to hang with the big dogs this year?"

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HighDefinition3573d ago

Killzone 2 is starting the year off way to strong for MS to handle. IMO, anyway.

And it`s just 1 of many AWESOME titles coming out.

Blaze9293573d ago

That Sony fanboys run this site.

HighDefinition3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

You wouldn`t have said that a year or two ago.

But.....yes it`s a conspiracy, this site is run by Sony.

Back then, people said this site was run by MSFT.

Wierd, huh?

Agent VX3573d ago

I am confused here. Shouldn't the title read "Can Sony compete with Microsoft this year???"

So when does the winner of last year have to compete with the competition??? Sony finished dead last last year, is dead last in the console race. So, shouldn't it be that Sony should be the one "Competing???"

As early reviews of KZ2 come out, and really with little interest in the game besides the hardcore fans, what exactly does Sony have. They better release GT5 and GoW real soon, or price and poor games will sink yet again, the PS3 into poor sales.

Monchichi0253573d ago

you're only noticing this now?? LOL

But no use reasoning with them because they live in there own delusional little world. Even though numbers, patterns and common sense dictate otherwise, there beloved Sony will always be #1 at everything. It's an inferiority complex they can't get over; have to defend there console tooth in nail so they can feel better about there purchase.

And before everyone ruffles there feathers know that it's not only you. Xbots were the same last generation when the original Xbox was getting murdered by the PS2. PS2 owners were so confident that they had no need to bicker with delusional xbox fanboys. Same as what happened with Nintendo fans over Sega fans, and Atari vs Calico fans. It's just human nature....same as can be said about sports fans.

Let's prove this once again with the agrees vs disagrees. your gonna see A LOT more angree disagrees then agrees...but deep down inside you know it's true!!

gaffyh3573d ago

Ok VX I know that even you aren't retarded enough to think that MS' current 09 lineup is better than Sony's? Or are you?

I'm pretty sure MS has got something up their sleeves, but Sony's exclusives are huge this year. Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 ALONE are enough to satisfy me as a gamer.

Fact is 09 will be a better gaming year for PS3 owners, whether that will project in the sales, I doubt it, the 360 price tag is too attractive for mainstream gamers.

ericnellie3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

You're an absolute fanboy if you don't think MS can't compete. I'm just not sure what fanboys are basing the 2009 PS3 victory on, I mean wasn't 2008 supposed to be the year of the PS3. It's a good thing fanboys don't work for the companies they support because the competition would be underestimated and they'd be caught with there paints down with their over confidence. Especially when Sony Execs can be quoted saying stuff like "We simply have to suffer a little" and "go down in market share", "And we've learned an enormous amount from Microsoft, too." or "If we'd cut the price, lost another billion dollars" or "Sony's not only fighting, but learning from its competitors".

I mean seriously - if everything was a walk in the park, Sony would be the #1 selling console in the world, their stock prices would be through the roof, and they wouldn't be taking the biggest loss in revenue in years or laying off thousands of employees. It's simply going to be tough for both MS and Nintendo as well.

Agent VX3573d ago

What the dumb fanboys forget is that most hardcore gamers already have a 360 or PS3. Dem da facts.

So now we are left with mostly casual gamers or newcomers. Do you really think that they know about KZ2 or Alan Wake? They base their buying decisions on first and foremost on "Price" in which the 360 has a huge advantage. A few old exclusive games like GOW or GT ain't enough to spend 2X on a console for most casuals.

Anybody that thinks KZ2 will move a ton of PS3 are delusional. Sony really really needs to lower the price of the PS3 by at least $100 if they want to compete now. The only saving grace that the PS3 has had up to now is the inclusion of the Bluray drive for watching bluray movies. Many companies give away free PS3 with the purchase of a new LCD monitor, or movie buffs that want a good bluray player buy a PS3.

Price is the single reason why the PS3 is dead in last place. Price is the single reason why the Wii and 360 kill the PS3 in monthly sales. A few old time exclusives just ain't good enough anymore.

Kill Crow3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Can Sony catch up to Microsoft(forget about the wii that's long gone)

and the answer is .... no.

sorry, KZ2 will be a system seller, but that's not going to be enough to even equal sales, let alone surpass them to such an extent that sony can catch up ....

At the current rate, By 2010 Xbox 360 will be 10 million ahead !

2007 already proved that a great exclusive line up doesn't do anything to help Sony's sales ... so what's differnt about 2009? They got a great line up? Well ... ???

gaffyh3573d ago

@1.8 - "You're an absolute fanboy if you don't think MS can't compete"

So you think MS can't compete? Seriously read what you type out before you post it, cos that's what you're saying.

ericnellie3573d ago

That was a good catch.

That was simply a typo on my part! YES, MS can compete and will probably beat out Sony again in 2009;)

johnnywit3573d ago

I completely agree with agent.I really want a PS3 but I'm waiting for that price drop. The same thing I did for my 360. Why was I going to get either one when I had great games that were coming out on my Ps2. I can wait for games because I only play about 10 hours a month. I am one of the casual players and I don't have time or money to spend on all of these devices. Price is a huge factor. I know that the PS3 is a great deal because of the blue ray player but I really don't care about that. I watch movies less than I play games.

PoSTedUP3573d ago

looking at each company's line up.... nope... not in the games department.. maybe in the sales department but sony outsold MS last year and had a stronger games line up, 09' looks to be even better for sony. i will say goodbye to MS is the sales are even close this year without a sony price drop cause the 360 is $200 man.

nix3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

it's like before it was "PS3 has no games... blah blah blah.." even though there were really good titles.

Now it's like "360 has no games". Sadly they don't. I know many fanboys will come and defend it but it will all fall on deaf ears. the earth is round indeed!

Defend!!! "lords of the rings"!!! defend!!!

callahan093573d ago

@ Agent:

When your console is twice as expensive as the competition and held out strong without reducing the price in the face of your prime competitor's price drop (yes, the 360 and PS3 are in deeper competition with one another than the Wii is with either of them), and you still sell more than 99% of the number of units your competitor did (10.77 million VS 10.8 million), I'd say it's a bit harsh to call it "dead last." They did awesome last year. Did they sell fewer consoles than Microsoft and Nintendo? Yeah. But "dead last" would imply that they could destroyed, and they did not. PS3 and 360 sold almost the exact same amount. They're both in dead last compared to the Wii, but to imply that the PS3 performed really terribly and the 360 did really great is just ignorant.

thats_just_prime3573d ago

Back in 06 sony fanboys said that the 360 would die cause once the ps3 was release they wouldnt be able to compete with sony and te ps3. In 07 Sony fanboy declared it the year of the ps3 cause of all they great titles that were coming out even the multi plat cause no one was going to by a game that started on the ps on another system. Not only did the 360 not die it out sold the ps3 and most of those multi plat games sold more copies on the 360. Then 08 rolled around and once again sony fanboys declared it "the year of the ps3". MGS4 was finally goin to be released and it was the 2nd coming after all and to top it of they had HUGE system sellers like LBP , R2 and motorstorm 2. The 360 had no game to speak of coming out in 08. In the end to 360 once again out sold the ps3 and with a well time price drop and HUGE exclusive games. Now it 09 and we are hearing the same story we heard in 07 and 08 for the sony fanboy camp about how the 360 has no games and this is "the year of the ps3".

But what has sony confimed for 09 that is so great besides KZ2 ? Uncharted 2 ? Well it seems likely I dont think its ever had any kind of release date confirmed. Even if it has that 2 games. MS has 2 Halo games confirmed and like it or not (I personally cant stand halo) halo is HUGE and they are system sellers. They also have SO4 and Ninja Blade. That 4 confirmed exclusives games not counting DLC.

To top it all the 360 is 200 dollars cheaper and the ps3 is in dead last. So sony is the one that need to prove it can compete

nix3573d ago

ahem.. pssst.. i don't think 360 "outsold" PS3 in '08. they were kinda neck to neck. i won't list out the games that's going to come out in '09 from Sony's camp for now.

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Lifendz3573d ago

price is the 360's only advantage. Price and the uninformed consumer.

PSN is now a robust network that provides a variety of games, it still has more games with dedicated servers than live, AND it's still free.

Killzone 2 is simply gorgeous. It makes everything else look like doodoo. That's right...I said doodoo.

Sony ran 08 and 09 is looking even better.

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SaiyanFury3572d ago

Can Microsoft complete? Of course they can. How well will they do? Only time will tell. Sony has a pretty strong lineup this year so MS better get their butts in gear.

Arnon3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Well.. lets look at the releases..


2 Unannounced Titles
Halo Wars
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Ninja Blade
Splinter Cell ConViction (maybe)
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned


Killzone 2


2 Unannounced Titles
Alan Wake
Forza Motorsport 3 (maybe)
Halo 3: ODST
Mass Effect 2 (maybe)
Velvet Assassin


Ratchet & Clank (maybe)
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (maybe)
Gran Turismo 5 (maybe)

Then Multi-platform titles need to be included as well and which console they will have more success on.. Which is usually the 360.

So yes, I do believe Microsoft has just as much of a chance.

Oh and please, disagree with it, because I'm going by what every person has said here about the releases.

Traveler3572d ago

I don't really care about any of this. I have both consoles and will buy whatever looks good to me.

What I know at this point though, is that the PS3's lineup for 2009 looks a lot more appealing than the 360's lineup.

There isn't a single game that has been actually announced for the 360 to come out in 2009 that interests me much.

Alan Wake interests me a lot, but it hasn't been given a release date.

Splinter Cell Conviction interests me, but we don't know when it is coming or if it will end up being multi-platform.

Halo Wars...doesn't interest me.

Ninja Blade interests me, but I have a feeling it will be fairly average.

Halo ODST...maybe.

Most of the games I want are coming for the PS3. That is all I know and I all I ultimately care about.

Bubble Buddy3572d ago

Agent: Many people are still wanting to buy PS3's that aren't just newcomers. Many of my friends are getting it this year due to so many games coming out, improved service, hopefully cheaper price, and the fact that there are no 360 games they prefer to play other than halo

pain777pas3572d ago

From here on out till the end of this gen getting a 360 over a PS3 makes no sense if you have to choose one in my opinion. Though I don't have to make that choice.

byaaface3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Well Mass Effect might be multi-plat... God of War 3 should be added with a maybe... Also downloadable games are not part of the list and sony has a lot of those this year... just sayin' :P

RememberThe3573572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Yet we all seem to forget that we are all gamers.

From what I have seen of this years line up, Sony has the clear edge in exclusive content. However, If some one is looking foreword to Star Ocean, Halo, and Ninja Blade, more then Killzone , Infamous, and Uncharted, then they're probably looking foreword to the 360 line up. It's not hard to fathom.

All this arguing over opinions leaves you guys running in circles.

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Helghast Slayer3573d ago

Well they better churn out games that look and play on the same level as KZ2 and potential future AAA (uncharted2, GT5, Heavy Rain etc). The ps3 is really showing alot more customer appeal when it comes to NEXT GEN games. Alan Wake and DLC's won't cut it for M$ this year.

ravinshield3572d ago

Can FONY Compete with Microsoft In '09

infamousinfolite3572d ago

"Well they better churn out games that look and play on the same level as KZ2 and potential future AAA (uncharted2, GT5, Heavy Rain etc). The ps3 is really showing alot more customer appeal when it comes to NEXT GEN games. Alan Wake and DLC's won't cut it for M$ this year."

Don't you think that's asking too much of microsoft I mean "that look and play on the same level as KZ2" that's suicide for their flopbox 180.


"the question is
Can FONY Compete with Microsoft In '09"

...Denial at its finest.

user94220773573d ago

Let's just get this straight, the answer is:


fafoon3573d ago

And to answer the Question
Hell No !!!