HOME: Update 1.10 available

HOME: Update 1.10 available

Features in the spoiler

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arvfab3598d ago

HOME is becoming better. I still don't use it regularly, but I think that in a year or so, it could become what Sony promised to us.

Blaze9293598d ago

I havent gone back in Home since it really launched, have no reason to. But I think in tiome it'll get better and we'll get the features promised...the question is just how long?

PimpHandHappy3598d ago

its funny when ppl jumped ALLLLL over HOME as a failure....what will they say in 2 years when all you do is play free games for 2 hours a day!



pimp6143598d ago

Home is a failure, you are just in denial

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago

because something that's still in Beta form has seen over 4 million users...


...what a failure.

Home is always busy. You should try getting on there sometime. Most people are either making new friends or playing one of the games: Chess, Mancala, Air Race (Red Bull), Hover Craft things...haha, Bowling, Pool, or any of the arcade games.

It's much more interesting than you think. I'm met like 20 new people on there. It's amazing!

JohnnyMann4203598d ago

...yeah I used to think the samething until I paid attention.

Look at all the junk 3rd party's are already working on... EA? Capcom?

Free games?

It's actually looking like they will be able to do something with this.


is they know this is going to be a success . Just look , have you seen any bad articles in HOME . The start of the Red bull contest is something interesting to see , especially with poker and all those other HOME spaces coming through the next couple weeks/months . Give players good prize like the wireless pad and they will race to get top 5 . I have always said if you can't be social in HOME , I can't imagine how your real life is . HOME is SWEET and those that don't have it will always deny it .

Nineball21123598d ago

lol lol
Your life is a failure, you are just in denial.

See what I did there?

Home isn't some earth shattering app. but it's good for what it is, and the upside potential is incredible.

I admit I'm not using it much atm, but it's a solid app and I can see me using it quite a bit in the future.

Don't be a hater.

solidjun53598d ago a troll of course but let's look at his name closely. take the first and last letter and what do you get?


I could be wrong but I think it's that fool.

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PimpHandHappy3598d ago

i guess im in denial 2think over time things improve....

now tell me
who is in denial

I wonder what sort of HOME space KILLZONE will have?

I wonder what they will do with GT5 or God of War...Twisted Metal...i can go on

i wonder how much improvement XBL has seen over what?!?! 6 years? Maybe you have a reason to be such a short sited fool

pimp6143598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

there's no private chat on the PS3

psn store updates once a week while xbox live marketplace updates daily

we got alot more content, over 300 demo's.

you guys got about 3 good games the rest are multiplatform

we have over 100 exclusives.

If killzone 2 was so amazing why people are complaining on every website?

get your facts straight,

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago

^and you think HE'S in denial...

Handsome_Devil3598d ago

I'm actually wondering from where do you get your facts ?

pwnsause3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

"we have over 100 exclusives."

you mean the 100 exclusive games that are rated below 8. do me a favor, go to the open zone before you get raped.

"If killzone 2 was so amazing why people are complaining on every website?"

weres the proof? all Im hearing about killzone is praise. again, go to the open zone before you get raped for being a stupid troll. we dont want your kind here.

BTW Home is improving by the minute, it gets better and better with every update they implement to the platform. [email protected]

redsymphony3598d ago

your all idiots your acting like any of sony or microsofts money is going to be in your bank account play the damn games and stfu if you dont like home then stick to XBL if you dont like XBL then stick to home. DAMN!!

pimp6143598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

@Handsome_Devil from your mom, she told me all this info last night, let me say she was muti-tasking

@pwnsause and all your game's scored below 7, if it's any higher then that they were paid by sony or just felt sorry for the game.

"BTW Home is improving by the minute, it gets better and better with every update they implement to the platform. [email protected]"

home is improving so much, yet people is always commenting that they logged into home once a month.

JohnnyMann4203598d ago


I have a 360 and PS3...

You don't even know what you are talking about.

Stop being a fanboy and if you are going to bash something at least have your facts straight so you sound like you have a clue.

pimp6143598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

prices are outrageous for home, $1 for some clothes, $20 to create a club, $1 for chairs. It such a scam, that you have to key in your credit card to use the store in home even if you are geting something for free. I rather pay 50 a year for xbox live and have a load full of free content.

Handsome_Devil3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

"@Handsome_Devil from your mom, she told me all this info last night, let me say she was muti-tasking"

you know I have models in my life I like to follow, one of them is an Arabic one. I will try to make the translation easy for you to understand.

it basically say "if the fool start talking, the best answer to him is silence"

Blitzed3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It looks like another brand new troll account created to spread some FUD. Keep up the good work, you're really making a difference!

Theoneneo813598d ago

as in free content you mean the 11 bucks a motnh you gotta have to watch netflix the additional download conted that you gotta pay for and the other movies and tv shows you gotta pay for?

Yeah thats working out reall well for you on live isnt it.

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JohnnyMann4203598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

New features

* We have added a new "Remove Player" function that allows the creator to remove people from a Game Launching session. This is complemented by the Block Player function, accessible via the Safe Screen, which can be used to stop people rejoining.

Changes and Improvements

We are constantly tweaking and enhancing various game elements to improve your experience in PlayStation Home. Updates in 1.10 include:

* The speed of the initial log-on process has been improved and a progress bar has been added to provide you with more information about what is happening.
* Items that you have already purchased will now be loaded when you first log-in, reducing the loading time when you enter stores in the Mall.
* Other players' avatars will now load faster when you enter a space.
* The names of Home reward items will now be shown when you obtain them.
* Download priorities have been changed so that certain graphics and images (like thumbnail images and World Map chips) will download more quickly.
* The inventory system (that stores Home Reward items) has been reworked and made more robust. We have also implemented additional safeguards to help ensure that you cannot inadvertently lose any of your items.
* The Chat log window will now always be displayed on top of any other on-screen graphics, except when zoomed in to a video or poster. When zoomed in, the chat window will no longer display.
* The size of the text box has been improved on message boards in Clubhouses.
* The option to "Block voice chat" has been changed to "Block chat," which will allow you to block both voice chat and text chat at the same time. Players blocked with this feature will not be automatically added to the block list on your Friends list.
* The game camera will now go into attract mode once you have been idle for more than 3 minutes.
* The "Resign sub leader" command has been removed from the Menu Pad. Club leaders will now have to downgrade sub leaders if they wish.
* We have further improved the UI for a variety of systems including Game Launching, Clubhouses and the Store.
* We have made several memory optimizations to improve client stability.
* We have made graphical improvements to particle systems and water effects.
Bug fixes

* Furniture in Personal Spaces will no longer occasionally vanish when you leave lights or lamps turned on.
* Single-seat chairs and sofas can no longer be occupied by more than one person at a time.
* You can now turn lighting objects on/off in your Personal Space.
* Furniture layout issues in Clubhouses have been resolved.
* The "Refresh Club Menus" option in the Menu Pad should now work as intended.
* Dates will now be displayed on Clubhouse bulletin board messages.
* A fix has been applied to the Home Safe Screen reporting process.
* Your screen will no longer freeze if you leave a game session with the game disc ejected.
* Item names and prices will now display correctly in the Mall.
* Wallpapers will now be displayed properly when you invite friends to your Harbour Studio.
* You will no longer be able to make a phone call to players who have deactivated voice chat.
* You should now be able to use two-seater sofas properly.

Mr_Bun3598d ago

bubbles for the translation

arvfab3598d ago

The forum is italian, but the notes in the spoiler are english. They are not translated by any internet translator, they are the official ones.

JohnnyMann4203598d ago

These aren't Spoilers anyways...they are just patch notes and there was no need to call them spoilers.

Terror2k93598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I'M not even gonna get into home is better than nxbe or nothing like that but i must say redownloading all the freaking maps again after updating all the time is getting tedious and makes me not want to use this until its finally completed! its annoying!

LeonSKennedy4Life3598d ago

I agree entirely...

...and I really DO like Home.

It does have its fair share of shortcomings though.