SCEE: Killzone 2 demo "proving very popular"

A SCEE rep has told VG247 this afternoon that the Killzone 2 demo released yesterday is flying off the servers, so to speak.

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interrergator3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

it needs to come out sooner but they said they market the game everywhere so why not

Blaze9293546d ago

“I don’t have exact figures and I’ve been told we may not give this out,” the rep added."

How ironic....

pimp6143546d ago

it sucked all that hyped for nothing. Controls suck, graphics are good but not the best out there, I guess people gave it a 9/10 because they felt sorry for it.


@ pimp614

ok, please answer this...

if its not the best looking game out there, name which console exclusive you think looks better.

I can understand if you don't like the controls. Its an easy way out to just say " it sucks " and not actually give a reason.

i have both systems, i like my 360 more and i must admit i was not quite blown away by the demo as i thought i would be.. but i would not blindly say its not the best looking console game when quite clearly it is. best looking does not always mean best visual graphics either. The animation is just as important ( at least to me personally ). there is no point a game looking real if it does not have real looking movement.. not only does it look very, very good, the animation is on par with the graphics and as a total package that is what pushes it heads above the rest.

on a flip note, i don't think gears 2 had the best graphics on the 360 either... but i will just say the game sucks ;-)

xwabbit3546d ago

whats ur PSN ID pimp614 and how many digits did the code have and where did u dl it. EU or US ?

whoelse3546d ago

Took me 4 and a half hours to download 1200mb!

ThanatosDMC3546d ago

Say 14 characters... two 5 character groups and then a 4 character group. ::wink wink:: Dont tell them i helped you.

Timberland2K93546d ago

the final build will run in 1080i and if you look on the title screen it clearly says 2008

as well as if you stay at the title screen it will show gameplay that looks way cleaner than the one you played

Doppy3546d ago

Great game, poor demo. The demo was way to short, and I was more like a tutorial than a demo, but at least I'm 100% sure that I will be getting this game.

god_o_war3546d ago

for people that have issues with the controls just change them to alternate 2 its way betta feels jus like cod 4

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vincentvegawchz3546d ago

The Reason why he doesnt have an exact figure is because people in the US created a UK account, and there were more demo downloads than there are ps3's LMAO that is why

P.S. I LOVE KILLZONE, i enjoy alternative controller 2 scheme, Normal controls I do not like too much

Jager3546d ago

Just wait, US invasion of GB is coming :P

cryymoar3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

there was a U.S. demo as well. it's called preordering from gamestop. Killzone 2 is also the #1 preordered game from gamestop, so lots of happy U.S. PS3 owners got to play it last night.

freeblue3546d ago

which I guess it's alright..

but i think people should give GG killzone2 idenity a try. there's a reason why GG makes the default control scheme the way it's.

I think you did the game a disservice by going the Cod4 way. i did the first time play though using the default setting (mainly I havne't played CoD4 much) and I actually able to finished the game at ease, and without dying. so I changed the control to ALT-2 to see if it was any better. I was completely confused by the movement. I got killed three time. I went in gun blazing like CoD4 styles, and didn't even get passed the warehouse.

Hallucinate3546d ago

if the demo was just a tiny bit longer i would of enjoyed it more

MaximusPrime3546d ago

i would agree with you but i think the demo is still fantastic.

the controller is a little wierd but i will get used to it. Afterall its just a demo (your first experience of killzone 2)

Fishy Fingers3546d ago

Downside of PS3 games I guess, due to their uncompressed nature a "decent length" demo would run into several gigabytes. I'm happy with what we got, gets you excited for the full game and doesnt infringe on the story or hand out any spoilers.

solidt123546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

After I killed all the Helghast I had fun just running around shooting at stuff looking at the effects. This game is incredible. shoot the chair seats and watch feathers fly. Shoot the file cabinets in the office and they will close and open back up and close again when you shoot it, you can see I made my own fun in the demo at the end. Try the Knife, Melee, etc. The Helghast are funny man, I shot a fuel tank and blew myself up and a Helghast came over to me and stood there puzzled shaking his head. In the last room if you can shoot the guy off the roof of the office or use a grenade there is another weapon you can use which is a single shot Helghast Sniper rifle, get it. I also noticed that your squad doesn't always say the say stuff in the demo in each play through.

use control scheme Alternate 2

I spent alot of time in the demo trying different things man. I played it about 18 time yesterday.

Mainman3546d ago

I used Alternate 2 as well.

L1 is for precision aim/Zoom, R1 is for shoot.

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Blackmoses3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

I started up playing and was already comfortable....guess that because I was in the MP beta and was playing constantly......LMAO!!!! I played the Demo 10 straight times, then exited it just to start it up again to see the cool 3D menu screen again...LOL!!!!! I played like 5hrs worth of the supposed 10 hour campaign by just playing a 10 minute lie!!!!

Hellsvacancy3546d ago

Wot 3D menu screen? hav i missed summin i noticed the menu screen wobbles a little i thought it was a demo glitch

celldomceen13546d ago

moves from the sixaxis control.

theEnemy3546d ago

The demo is short so you can be more excited when the real thing comes out in a few weeks away.

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