Demon Souls is a Sell Out in Japan

The game has sold out at both Yodobashi Cameras in Shinjuku, Bic Camera in Shinjuku, a Sofmap (dunno where!) and a TSUTAYA (ditto!).

The game went on sale February 5th, and some retailers don't think they'll be getting in another shipment until today or tomorrow. The brisk sales might be the result of low initial shipments not anticipating this type of demand.

The first day sales of the game have sold through 80% of the whole shipment in 1 day itself as reported by famitsu.

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Chris3993599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

If this and WKC continue to impress with sales, expect more JRPG love on the PS3.

Enhanced port of Vesperia, anyone?

We all know it's coming.

P.S. I am buying this game. Even if they don't localize it, and I have to struggle through the kanji.

Simon_Brezhnev3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

rumors say the chinese version will be in english and u can get it from

eagle213599d ago

I think this and Yakuza 3 will own SO4 on the charts. Y3 hits the 26th.

SaiyanFury3598d ago

It doesn't surprise me. The King's Field series was always crazy-popular in Japan and this one seems to do even better. I'm importing the Asian version when it released February 24th. If there's a version released in the west I'll get that too, but I don't want to wait that long. I've been waiting for a new RPG from FROM Software for a long time. Last new one I played was King's Field: The Ancient City on PS2 so it's been a while. Can't wait! Damn it Feb 24th, GET HERE SOON!

darthdevidem013599d ago

oh yeah sold 23K first day so basically it outsold Ninja Blade (360 exclusive) which is from the same developer n came out last week selling a measely 7K for the whole week.

Demo Souls outsold the 360 game from the same developer in one day flat

TOO PAWNED3599d ago

That's about right number, since PS3 has over 3 times bigger isntall base in Japan. 23 vs 7 thats about right.

NNNW3599d ago

i didn't know ninja blade was out?! lol

morganfell3599d ago

Ninja Blade was 19th in the latest figures released 2 days ago.

Godmars2903599d ago

Really dude, we're not hearing that Ninja Blade sold out day one. At least try to give credit where credit is due.

gaffyh3599d ago

Lol @ everyone jumping at Too Pawned, you guys know that he is a Sony fan right?

Anyway he is speaking the truth, 3:1 ratio of PS3:360 in Japan, but no one mentions the higher 360 sales in US when a game sells more on 360 there.

Still though Demon's Souls selling out is a good sign, but I'm guessing Sony didn't even think of bundling this game, so I dunno if it will impact console sales.

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TOO PAWNED3599d ago

Little bit misleading since shippment was small but, here is info

[PS3] Demon's Souls (SCE) - 23,000 (80%)
Even it did sell 80% in first day, still shippment/demand was low. Only 23k is nothing amazing, not compared to WKC that had 130k first day and has sold 330k so far, since Dec 25th

darthdevidem013599d ago

I am not saying its amazing or anything.

but it is worth noting for all thos companies who seem to believe making a 360 exclusive is even viable in japan.

80% sell through shows demand is high.....which means the game will most likely have legs into the second week and maybe even end up outselling Eternal SOnata & Lost Oddesey...this is a great feat for a WRPJ type game.

TOO PAWNED3599d ago

No, i think it could have solid first week with maybe 70k, but i don't expect more that 150k life time in Japan

Black Maverick3599d ago

I think Xbox 360 exclusives in Japan have more to do with Microsoft buying the exclusivity. To their credit, they haven't given up on Japan. I guess they figure eventually one of their games is going to have a breakthrough. Be on the lookout for Star Ocean 4 to be a big hit.

darthdevidem013599d ago

I'm not Too Pawned thats why I said it will likely outsell Eternal Sonata (78K) & Lost Oddesy (105K) in Japan which is a great feat for a Western Styled RPG in Japan

TOO PAWNED3599d ago

You sound like xbox fanboys when speaking about sales in USA.
PS3 has 3 times bigger install base in Japan than 360(only 850k instal base) so DSouls selling 100k and LO selling 100k is not same. Sure numbers are numbers but that is ignorant way at looking on things and facts. PS3 games SHOULD sell more that 360 games, that expected due to install base.
I don't know how much LO sold in Japan, but if it did 100k on 800k isntall base, that is damn good, that means 1 in 8 360 Japanese owners bought LO. While if Dsouls sell 100k with install base 2.8 million PS3 in Japan, that means 1 in 28 PS3 Japanese owners bought Dsouls.
See now difference?

darthdevidem013599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

but the fact is attach rates don't matter in any way.

the xbox fanboys right to praise 360 american SW sales as it is RAW unit sales that matter

Will companies in Japan produce 360 exclusives just cus the attach rate rules.....but will end up seeing some game called Demon SOuls beats their game (one of which being from the FF creator),

attach rates don't matter much....raw unit sales are what publishers & developers see.

edwardcrisel3599d ago

so what u are saying that in america ps3 game sales are better because there is fewer of them and in japan 360 is king because fewer of them there?????? ur a tard man go play gears 2 which got outsold by lbp u know because there is more 360s in america

Godmars2903599d ago

Demon's Soul ISN'T a WRPG, its King's Field, which is a 3D JRPG with western themes that was never sold outside of Japan till KF3, by another name.

It was never a grid/turn based "traditional" JRPG.

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OmarJA3599d ago

Of course it's PS3 exclusive, unfortunaly can't say the same thing about Ninja Blade.

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