Free Transfer Window Update For PES 2009

IncGamers report:
"Konami has announced it will release a free update at the end of the month for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Pro Evolution Socer 2009."

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Leord3595d ago

Cool. Love it when developers show that they support the purchase by making updates without asking for a bucket of cash..

Dorjan3595d ago

I love it when game makers fix their mistakes...

Surprisingly rare...

AndyA3595d ago

Nice! Wonder why EA hasn't announced the FIFA one yet?

Senden3595d ago

Nice to see a transfer window update, it's just too bad 90% of online pro evo fans jumped ship after one day of playing this joke of a game.

Maticus3595d ago

Agree - nice effort but too late.