Sony Bigger Than Nintendo And Microsoft Combined

Why in-house software development will win out for PS3.

On the same day that Phil Harrison (President, Sony Worldwide Studios) tells SPOng that, "Moving resources towards in-house development is absolutely the strategy", a report in the highly respected Develop magazine states that "Sony need not worry about any potential battles it may face with the PS3… the format holder is assured a top-of-the-pile placing in the global games market thanks to the company's investment in internal development."

Based on data from Screen Digest, the report places Sony as the third most resourced games software publisher in the world, stating that "Sony Computer Entertainment Studios employs some 2,200 developers across 14 different studios… it has more programmers, artists, audio technicians and designers than Microsoft and Nintendo combined."

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bilal4280d ago

sony is bigger but is also supporting 3 gaming platforms as apposed to just 1 by microsoft.

BIadestarX4280d ago

true, lets also not forget that it's common knowledge that it takes 2-3 more developer/resources to make the same game for sony's consoles than for microsoft's and Nintendo's.

Monchichi0254280d ago

If this was held to be true, the original PlayStation would have never beat the Nintendo 64!!! Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!!!

bung tickler4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

its also funny that when you look at quality games they don't have squat compared to say, nintendo, which just goes to show quantity does not beat quality.

i mean i could hire 1000 retared baboons to make games for me but that doesnt mean they will put out a halo killer or take mario's throne as king of all video games.

wildcat4280d ago

But you will also get more variety out of so many different places.

Hayabusa 1174279d ago

All of which are half-baked...

Shadow4279d ago

Sony doesn't have any great 1st party games... not.

Sometime you should look at the game studios that Sony owns and are considered in-house. You might be surprised.

Dlacy13g4280d ago

I honestly was a little shocked when I read a similar article to this one the other day that had a bar graph showing all the studios and the employee numbers for each. Sony has a huge developemet staff, and while that may not garuntee great does garuntee a constant flow of games for the least it should.

I was surprised to see MS so low on the totem pole regarding this...figured they would be much larger than Sony....but then again I am guessing most of their devs are not game related but rather systems / software people.

What was even scarier IMO was the size of EA compared to everyone else! They are a friggin giant...never realized just how big they were compared to everyone else.

power of Green 4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Why would anything change PlayStation has always pumped out games no matter what quality they were that's their style make as much money as possible with out careing about the quality ratio with garbage. MS devs go through tough quality checks that's MS's style i don't know about Nintendo i don't pay attention to them. This is combined staff.

Donkey Slayer4280d ago

than MS or Sony combined last gen according to IGN and Gamespot.

DJ4280d ago

I love Part II's multiplayer to death, but the campaign mode sucks due to very weak AI, repeating level assets, and a story that no one even cares about. To ask for a Halo killer is to assume that Halo is the pinnacle of FPS awesomeness, which it isn't. Half-Life 2 and Black(my fav) are more plausible winners of that title.

But back on topic, Sony has a crapload of famous studios that were either developed internally or have joined as dedicated independent developers: Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Zipper, Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, Incog Inc., Team Ico, Team Soho, Studio Liverpool, Japan Studio, Santa Monica Studios, Factor 5, etc. That's the main reason they don't worry too much about 3rd party exclusives, and the reason why they can't (financially speaking). Square and Kojima have found a lot of success on Sony's platforms over the past 11 years, and it's not like they're going to move all of their exclusives to another brand without good reason.

bung tickler4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

again sony may have sheer numbers on their side but they still poop out more crap than gold.

i hate to say never but it will be a long time, if ever, before sony can compare their first party titles to the likes of nintendo.

EDIT: i just figured i might add, square is what it is today thanks to the likes of nintendo, i think you too easily forget that 99% of what square has now started on a nintendo system, same can be said about kojima. so i wouldnt hold them as loyal to anyone, they have jumped ship in the past and they will do it again. they will go where the $$ is and this gen it doesnt look too much like its going to be sony holding the #1 spot.

Raist4280d ago

Square is like what it is today thanks to the playstation and FF7.

FF games were barely known outside of japan before FF7.

The BS Police4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

[Qoute]but the campaign mode sucks due to very weak AI,[Qoute]

Halo 1's AI was groundbreaking when it was released, same as Halo 1's, it jsut didn'ttake any othe developers long to come up with better AI.

[Qoute]and a story that no one even cares about. [Qoute]

I had to refrain from telling you to F off here, I dare you to go onto and say that, you will get flamed by hundreds of lyal Halo fans by saying nobody cares about the story... the story is what makes Halo, Halo.

[Qoute]To ask for a Halo killer is to assume that Halo is the pinnacle of FPS awesomeness, which it isn't.[Qoute]

Yet Halo is the bigest franchise so far this decade, I don't see any other franchise geting the whole killer thing added at the end of rival games.

Halo is not overated becuase it is a cultural phenominon.

Lets look at the facts, Halo 1 sold over 5 million copies in a 3 year timline.

Halo 2 grossed 125 Million on it's first opening day... the bigest opening day in MEDIA HISTORY!

Halo 2 sold 5 million copies in a month.

To date Halo 2 sold over 9 million copies and over 4 billion games played online.

Does this prove that Halo is overated? No, it disproves that claim.

Hayabusa 1174279d ago

Do you have no idea how many people want a 360 just for Halo 3? Regardless of what your personal opinion of the game is, many people will buy, and play, the XBox 360 because they want the sequel to Halo 2. And if it wasn't that much of a Killer App, why are Sony trying to create their own "Halo killer?" (aka Killzone/2...)

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