Blondie Man Studies Music Games

IncGamers report:
"Blondie drummer Clem Burke is teaming up with researchers from the Universities of Chichester and Gloucester to study the potential physical and psychological benefits of playing drum-based music games."

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AndyA3597d ago

Hitting stuff with sticks can save the world!

Leord3597d ago

Well, I thought the drum kit for one of those rock band (or whichever) was really fun. Could be something to this! =D

Maticus3597d ago

Here's my analysis: It makes you feel gooooooooood. Everyone should play drum games, fact.

Dorjan3597d ago

Better than wii fit! Heh!

thetamer3597d ago

I've spent my life beating some stick to death, but it just makes me feel tired, and sticky. I think this is a bad idea.

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