The 10 best graphics cards money can buy

TechRadar take a look at what they think are the best graphics cards money can buy.

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Monk3y3480d ago

i only wish i could afford one of those..

sit down droid3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

how does the next gen consoles compare to these graphics cards. i know there beat but by how much?

DevilVergilX3479d ago

I am Glad I have one! Sapphire 4870x2!

free2game3653479d ago

@sit down droid

it all depends on the game in a case like GRID for example, the PS3 version and 360 version both run at 720p at 30FPS, PS3 with 2xAA and 360 with 4xAA. A GTX 285 or 4870 is going to be able to run that at 60 FPS at 1920x1200 or 50 FPS 2560x1600 with 4xAA, or Far Cry 2 as another example, the console versions run at 1280x696, the 360 version with 2xAA, and the PS3 version with edgeAA, a GTX 285 is going to be running it a bit better than the PS3 or 360 version with better visuals at 2560x1600.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3480d ago

I have an 8800 GT (Overclocked)

It's got Crysis running on full and I only have 2.5 GB's of RAM in this sucker.

It only stutters every once in awhile.

I'm not on DX10 though...only DX9. I have XP.

3480d ago
JsonHenry3480d ago

I bought an 8800GTS 640meg card about this last year and it runs everything at max settings so far. Once I put 8gigs of RAM in my PC it even let me run STALKER and Warhead maxed out just fine.

Vip3r3480d ago

Puts my 6800GT to shame. :(

Doctor_Doom3480d ago

I have GTX260 Black edition and I was thinking to go SLI but, first I need to make sure that DX11 supported by this card before upgrading

JsonHenry3480d ago

DX11 will not be supported until the newest cards come out this summer.

Mikerra173480d ago

dude you should wait till the price goes down at the moment you do not need to SLI, even at this point I dontr find the need with my 9600gt

Doctor_Doom3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I didn't know that and thanx for the info

Anyway, better wait than regret

bubbles for you guys

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The story is too old to be commented.