Edge Interview: Word Play

Edge writes: "There aren't quite enough games that cater to the dictionary fetishists inside us.? ?Bookworm Adventures satiated the multi-syllabic pangs for a while,? ?allowing us to slap down mythical creatures with? ?12? ?letters? – ?count them,? ?Dracula? – ?of metallic synonym.?

Thankfully,? ?Scribblenauts looks to fill the gap,? ?a new DS game from? ?5th Cell,? ?the makers of Drawn To Life and Lock's Quest.? ?Players solve puzzles by writing in nearly any noun they can think of,? ?and seeing the item appear in the game ready for use.? ?An early demo sees the hero,? ?Maxwell,? ?trying to get a star out of a tree? – ?spawning a ladder at first then,? ?in later attempts,? ?an American football to knock the? star down and a beaver to gnaw through the trunk.? ?We talk to Jeremiah Slaczka,? ?creative director,? ?about the power of words."

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