PlayStation 3 160GB Uncharted Bundle $399 (or $299)

playstationlifestyle writes:
Grab yourself a PlayStation 3 160GB Uncharted Bundle from Dell for $100 off! When you are checking out, be sure to use coupon code 138BFW5PN676V2. $399.99 includes shipping.
[ Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Limited Edition Bundle - PS3 ]

Update: Use the Sony Style credit card for an extra $100 off.
[ Sony Style - PlayStation Card ]


Evidently you can use the same code to get $80 off the 80GB. Thanks LustM0nk3Y.

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Simon_Brezhnev3573d ago

now its time to get a ps3(for those of you who do not have one yet) to enjoy one of the best fps coming Killzone 2

interrergator3573d ago

agreed this is ur chance ppl

MasFlowKiller3573d ago

they need to start bundling every ps3 with Killzone 2 worldwide so even if you buy it to play blu ray you will see just how [email protected]!ng powerfull the ps3 is

3573d ago
solidsnakus3573d ago

after i saw how good killzone will be i thought about buying a ps3 again... but then realized whats the point, ill just end up reselling it again after playing killzone 2 cause theres absolutely nothing good after that. gow3 isnt till '10

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Arsenal4Ever3573d ago

Does NPD record sales from places like Dell?

FarEastOrient3573d ago

Sorry I don't think so, Dell is not a brick retailer so they share that special place with digital downloading. Remember NPD doesn't even count games that are sold packaged with consoles hence the separate numbers of Metal Gear Solid 4 sold according to NPD and MGS4 sold according to Koonami.

That information has to be requested and usually I don't see this numbers calculated on the same basis or "timely" basis to coincide with the release of data.

terrandragon3573d ago

Oh great, NOW they do this....well, I guess I have to miss out.

Mighty Healthy3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Damn! it expires today.

You Already Know3573d ago

can you get it for $199 if you have a Sony Style card and use the coupon?

Fishy Fingers3573d ago

Contact Dell and ask. 2 minute phone call and you'll know.

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The story is too old to be commented.