TVG: Resident Evil 5 - Hands On with Final Code Preview

TVG writes: "Following Shinji Mikami's successful attempt to reinvent the classic survival/horror series he delivered over ten years ago with the 2005 release of Resident Evil 4, his subsequent departure from Capcom's office left a slight concern over the future direction of the series. Obviously not a franchise to leave hanging around for too long, Resident Evil 5's announcement followed soon after with the confirmation that responsibilities would hand over to Jun Takeuchi. Where would a new lead take the series without Mikami-san at least casting a watchful eye? We finally have our hands on the full version of the game and can begin to reveal the answer - although for the sake of this preview we're only able to talk about the first three chapters from the six that feature in the game."

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MURKERR3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

only thing it heightens is frustration, dead space never had clunky controls and the tension meter was a 10/10

thereapersson3538d ago

Yeah, I have been playing the demo, and never before have I had this much trouble trying to control my characters in a video game. Even the previous iterations of Resident Evil didn't leave me with this sort of frustrated state of mind...

I really want to like the game, but the controls aren't helping matters in the least.

Storm233538d ago

because everyone can have their opinion. I don't have any problems with the controls. I have just put it in my head that it is not going to control like other games and now I like it. I do agree with adding tension and I have been having a ton of fun with my friends online. Can't wait to play through the entire game. I loved 4 and I think this will be the same.