Left 4 Dead, Lost And Damned Exclusives Hitting GameTrailers TV

This Friday's episode of GameTrailers TV promises us a look at two highly anticipated downloads for both Grand Theft Auto IV and Left 4 Dead, including exclusive footage of "what's next" for the latter.

We really hope that means that Valve will explain what that recently announced "Survival" gameplay mode is all about and clear up any possible confusion about the two additional versus campaigns coming to Left 4 Dead.

Friday's episode, airing at the wee hours of 1 AM on Spike TV, will also give us a better look at Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, which is just around the corner. Host Geoff Keighley promises new footage and new mission info, for anyone hungry for that kind of info, as well as "much more."

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NarFan3573d ago

cool i want to see more of lost and damned

doctorstrange3573d ago

im really on the fence for that, GTA4 got borin real fast so this better do somethin special

Stu19813573d ago

Would've been more interested in GTA4:DLC if there'd been any extra Island or something, maybe there will for the second one!

Can't say i care enough about them showing any new L4D stuff, since it's only going to be tweaks to the existing maps.

doctorstrange3573d ago

maybe theres a suprise
lets hope

terrandragon3573d ago

Is the Left 4 Dead DLC free on 360? If it's not, then I will just go turn it in to Gamestop.

TheIneffableBob3573d ago

Free on PC, but you'll probably have to pay for it on 360.

micro_invader3573d ago

I'd love to hear more news about L4D, I am in love with that game (pc).

solar3573d ago

great game. simplictic and pure fun.