Halo Wars Demo is Better Than Expected

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: When strategy fans hear about another console strategy game, expectations are rarely high. Although many genres thought to be PC specific have transferred to the consoles without issue, the strategy genre hasn't had the same seamless transition. Fans of the genre have been rather sceptical about the upcoming Halo Wars, but based on the demo, it's much better than expected. Read the full article to see what makes the Halo Wars demo better than The Nightly Gamer expected.

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3571d ago
SRU96003571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

The cutscenes in this game look incredible.

I'm not a huge Halo fan, and I don't play RTS games, but this demo was cool, so I will be renting it for sure and may be buying it if I really like the multiplayer.

king dong3571d ago

everything worked well, and it was great fun....cant wait for the full game now.

mrweymes: your opinion is unimportant, and your site is just a blog in disguise. downloaded it, played it, liked it. now i will buy it! the only review or opinion i count on is my own...

tip of the day for bloggers: if you want hits from n4g, just write something nice about sony or kz2....then watch the traffic increase.

MrWeymes3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

It would be a lie if I said that hits don't matter, but I don't write blatant flame bait. I found the demo to be average.

Also, I don't see how my site is any more a blog than any other website. It was started roughly a week ago. Give it time.

Everything I write will be honest. No hype, no nonsense. If I buy Killzone 2, and it's an average FPS, or if I bought Final Fantasy XIII and it was an average RPG, they would both be rated accordingly.

JaggedSac3571d ago

mrweymes - You are commenting an awful lot on here. Kinda hard to take you seriously when you come in here trying to defend all of your statements. Make your statements about the demo, and let them be. If people do not agree with you, so what. If they think you are biased, so what.

MrWeymes3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I understand what you're saying jagged, but I enjoy playing video games and writing about them. I don't see what's wrong with discussing what I write.

I have no problem with people having opinions. I just like a good debate.

My friends aren't gamers. They won't debate like this. lol

pumpkinpunker3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Saying the cut-scenes merely look good is a bit of an understatement. The cut-scenes are some of the best, if not the best, rendered cut-scenes of this console generation. however, if from your personal experience you've seen cut-scenes that look better then please let me know which games.

Viper73570d ago

Good to hear Ensemble managing to pull out a good game. Hopefully sales will be high too and make microsoft to see their decision to close down ensemble was wrong.

locos853570d ago

I won't play an RTS without a keyboard and mouse. I don't like them on consoles unless it has that option.

Eiffel3570d ago

I hope you did your homework.

Its already been stated the company was going to close anyway.
Two developers who worked for Ensemble since the start are forming two new studios.

Nothing is lost from this, hopefully one of the two may pick up their previous franchises with the okay from Microsoft.

No Way3570d ago

Really? I didn't know that. Do you know what the name of the studios will be?

Bnet3433570d ago

This demo sold me on the game. I am buying The Collector's Edition to boot. The controls are so easy the game is so smooth, I love Halo Wars. Good job Ensemble.

Aquanox3570d ago

Visuals in Halo Wars are more than Ok. A combination of excellent animations (warthogs move incredibly similar to Halo) and good particle effects. The envionments weren't impressive in the demo but I believe something better awaits since this one was full of snow and overall notihing to show off the game.

But what makes me believe the guy in the article was smoking something really unhealthy is the part when he qualifies Halo Wars soundtrack as basically plain. Well, shut up and listen to it again. The soundtrack in Halo Wars is totally amazing, on par to what a Halo game has always had (superb sound)

Apart from the sound, the controls are definitely the best of the demo. Really easy to handle and extremely intuitive. Perfect for a console.

I remember the Console Strategy nominations for 2008. Civilization Revolution won in almost every website out there. It wasn't the prettiest nor the more complex. In fact it was the simpler in all aspects but entertaining and addictive as hell. That's exactly where Halo Wars is aiming and its doing a hell of a job judging by the demo.

Lifendz3570d ago

I just find it sad that they're milking what is a great franchise, imo, to sell what otherwise would be subpar games. C'mon, a Halo RTS? You just know if it was a Killzone RTS, a God of War RTS, or a Ratchet RTS you guys would be killing the game.

I'm willing to try it. My cousin is downloading the demo now and I'll check it out tonight. But yeah, most of us are laughing because a Halo RTS is MS' counter to Killzone 2.

Why dis3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I agree and thats why I posted my fist comment.
Some of these guys complaints are ridiculous and not true but it is his opinion.
The demo was great I wanted more after it ended the story is top notch with the acting and all.

I want my bubble back.

HateFanboys3570d ago

You fanboys are a funny bunch. Will sweat anything your beloved Master Microsoft spits out at you. Next we'll be hearing about how great Halo Kart is. Please give it a rest you obsessed groupies.

No Way3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Uh, bro, you do realize that Halo was originally meant to be a RTS, right? Not a FPS..

They are not milking the Halo franchise, yet, at least. And, even IF they are "milking" the franchise, I'm glad they are, as I enjoyed the Halo Wars demo.

I think a Killzone RTS would be a good game, if made by a good developer, like Ensemble Studio. A God of War and Ratchet RTS, no.. that I would call milking the franchise..

Tarasque3570d ago

Well i am no RTS lover but i do like playing them when they are good, and i did not like the demo at all. I think i liked the halo wars demo worse than the killzone 2 demo, close toss up though.

Lifendz3570d ago

So because it was planned to be an RTS that means it's meant to be an RTS? Or that it's a good game? Failed logic my friend. And it was planned to be an RTS by Bungie, right? Bungie isn't making this game. U fail.

andyo133570d ago

expectations for this game at all, we all thought it was guna be shlt, so all it had to do was feature a menu and it wuld exceed expectations.

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Algullaf3571d ago

(Halo Wars doesn't bring much to the genre besides some lovely cutscenes).

this game is not worth buying only cutscenes are good u can see them in

MrWeymes3571d ago

I don't want this article to be percieved as biased. The demo simply didn't impress me that much. The full game may be solid, but based on the demo, I'm not in a hurry to get my copy.

I also said in the article that if the demo featured multiplayer, it would have been a more positive article, but based on the content of the demo, I wasn't very impressed.

If I played a PS3, or Wii demo that I didn't enjoy very much, I would write in the same manner.

3571d ago
MrWeymes3571d ago

Wow, Firm.

That fanboy joke was archaic.

Algullaf3571d ago

1st-msg4 cutscenes running real time. (the cell power+blue ray).
2- the cutscenes used to tell the epic story and to make you understand and feel the game.
3-kojima get reward for best ingame cutscenes ever made.

3571d ago
JasonPC360PS3Wii3570d ago

You just got O-W-N-E-D or should I say Nasim account number 1,237,983?

oldsnayke3570d ago

Those who like the MGS stories gave praise to the long cut scenes, such as myself.

hippo243570d ago

To the op

you obviously never touched the demo, or plan to.

So the real question is why are you here?

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Fishy Fingers3571d ago

I'll give it a try later tonight, been a little preoccupied by another demo lately. Frankly, I dont have many expectations so anything half decent should be enjoyable enough.

solidt123571d ago

I think you are talking about that demo that I played like 18 time yesterday. But seriously I will give Halo Wars a try next week since I don't have a gold membership unless it is available for non-gold members.

thenickel3571d ago

I didn't have any expectations either but simply fell in love ith the Halo universe.

I think the demo is available for silver members as well as gold of course. Played the demo many many times and although I'm happy you got the other demo to play this one is by far good enough to enjoy.

Arnon3570d ago

I'm sorry, but the Killzone 2 demo, as amazing as it is, was meant to just purely show off the graphics. That was, literally, the shortest demo I have ever played in my life. It was probably 10-15min. And even though I played it about 5-6 times, I feel like ugh... they could have at least thrown in the multi-player component. Or even a harder difficulty rofl.

Trust me Fishy... the Halo Wars demo is very enjoyable. It comes with 2 campaign missions, Skirmish mode, and Multiplayer mode.

No Way3570d ago

Multiplayer mode? What is the multiplayer mode? Lol. I guess I missed it then?

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TheMART3571d ago

I call bull on the most of this article. Played the demo and it plays great on the 360 controller. It fits perfectly with the Halo universe and I even liked it better then C&C3 on my PC.

Its also still a demo, not the final product, the final version will have the final finish which makes it look better and better.

I think the overal reviews will be good, around 9 out of 10.

Algullaf3571d ago

just remind people of your website so they can check out the reviews :)

Makroyale3570d ago

You're going to see a lot of 8's on this one or worse...

I played through the demo and thought it was quite dull. I could be wrong, I would have to have played the MP to confirm my thoughts.

green3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Never played an RTS but the Halo Wars demo was simply badass.Even if it was a completely different genre, there was no doubt that you were playing 1st and foremost a Halo game.

The controls were sublime, graphics very good and the story seems to be good judging from the demo.The game just went from "I'll wait for reviews" to most definitely a day one buy. Hope this game becomes a sales success so that we can get more RTS's on consoles.

MrWeymes3571d ago

In my opinion, there are much better RTS games out there. Halo Wars probably looks good by comparison, meaning that there are few games to compare it to on the Xbox 360.

green3571d ago

Is there any RTS that judging from the demo is better than Halo Wars on a home console?Maybe if compared to PC RTS's it will fall short but so will console FPS in comprising to their PC counterparts due to the use of a keyboard and mouse.

This game is targeting console gamers like me that will not game on a PC.So on that note i am judging it for what it is, an RTS game built from the ground up for a console and controlling perfectly in the process.

MrWeymes3571d ago

I agree that the Halo Wars demo was decent for a console RTS, but that shouldn't give it a free pass.

It should be compared to games in the same genre regardless of platform similar to the way PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives are compared.

Fans of the RTS genre that for some reason don't play them on the PC will probably have a good time with Halo Wars, particularly the multiplayer.

If I were to judge this game as if I have never seen a PC RTS, I would stand by my opinion of the average sound and graphics.

DrRage773571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

if you are using that logic, then every single shooter-type game that has even been developed for the xbox360 and ps3 should have gotten bad reviews when they compare it to Crysis which is on a PC.....

pumpkinpunker3571d ago

Halo Wars holds up to them.

Of course, there are a lot of RTS snobs who think complex game mechanics equals better. however, chess is a very simple game and is still played on a higher strategic level worldwide than any RTS to date. So maybe complex game mechanics aren't such a smart thing afterall.

MerkinMax3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Who just sat there for 45 minutes upgrading their armies and base? My army was pretty "tech savvy" for those who have even touched the demo. Definitely considering a purchase here. The game was very enjoyable for a virgin RTS player. And you can't go wrong getting the Halo 3 Mythic Mappack as well. This game and KZ2 will own me for the year.

dachiefsman3570d ago

bubbles for making me laugh and pointing out the stupidity of the comment.

solidsnakus3570d ago

the demo cought me off guard, i didnt even care at all about it till i played it, now i think im buying it on day one. altough it be so much better playing with a mouse and key. i still think AOE3 is better game though.

Arnon3570d ago

I spent over an hour just playing around with my base's. I literally spent over 2 hours on the 2 campaign missions. I haven't even touched the other modes yet. It's def. a day 1 buy for me.


That's not a very good use of logic, my friend. Comparing Halo Wars to PC RTS games is not even fair. But I can say, that Halo Wars' controls are easier than some PC RTS games. Which is a major accomplishment.

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