New PSP Persona trailer

Gamekyo writes:

"Persona from the original title is moving to PSP according to Atlus. You can find below the trailer made to introduce it to the PSP consummers. Remember that the game is planned to be release on the 29th of April in Japan."

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KarateExplosion3448d ago

I missed it the first time around. Most def gonna get it this time. This should also keep psp's flying off the shelves in japan.

callahan093448d ago

Yeah! This looks like a mix of the original Phantasy Star games with the Persona games I'm familiar with (3 and 4). I hope they release this in North America, I could definitely get into it.

Homicide3448d ago

I played the PS1 version, and it was good. There were some problems with the loading and animations, but I'm glad they're fixing it in the PSP version. The trailer looks cool.

Sam Fisher3448d ago

it was more gridy then the other persona's. man im right now looking at the case right now in my hand.....

Dream Machine3448d ago

Ok, now I have to buy a PSP.

Tykis3448d ago

OMG I love persona serise soooo much! I'm def getting this day one! Now all Atlus has to do now is make a PS3 persona game... I think I just jizzed in my pants!

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