GameTactics: Fable II Knothole Island DLC Review


"If you loved Fable 2, this is another ticket to Albion's rich world. Even with only 3 hours of content, there is always something to do in the world. I still had plenty of unfinished side quests and this is just the boost needed to dive back in. Another neat thing is there is a premium and free version. For the premium version, you've earned your pass to Knothole Island, go and enjoy. For those who pick up the free version, they can coop the entire experience as a mercenary alongside a fellow hero who has purchased it. But overall the island is really straightforward and linear. It will be the same experience for good and evil players except for the final choice. It feels more like a midgame quest than an end level one. There are parts where you're swarmed with enemies but you're just so powerful it doesn't matter. If you're playing through the game right now, this is probably a pretty good purchase but for those who have finished and are all powerful, this visit may not be up to expectations except."

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