Gameplay Monthly: Dead Space PC Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "When all communication is lost with the USG Ishimura, a enormous "planetcracker" class spaceship doing some mining in the Aegis system, a team is sent in to embark on a repair mission. For engineer Isaac Clarke this mission is personal, his girlfriend Nicole serves on the Ishimura, and her last message was anything but good. Arriving at their objective the crew of the Kellion find that their problems are somewhat bigger than a busted communications array. Their greeting party on the Ishimura is the monstrous remains of the former crew, it seems that some sort of alien parasite has been running rampage on the ship and transforming the inhabitants in gruesome monsters intent on tearing any living thing to shreds. Taking control of Isaac as he explores the dark underbelly of the doomed spaceship a sinister plot centered on a mysterious alien artifact is revealed and with every step the odds seems more and more hopeless. Welcome to Dead Space."

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