Wrixel: LittleBigPLanet Review


"In conclusion, LBP is a solid game. If you are a fan of platformers then I highly recommend purchasing LBP. LBP is a great multi-player game and it is a different experience from when you play it by yourself. Most of this review was written when I was playing solo and I must saying playing with others is 10x more fun. The map creator is very detailed and the average player will probably not spend too much time making a map. However, I am positive dedicated fans will create superb maps to keep the LBP experience fresh and new. The community is already thriving and the best of LBP is yet to come. That being said, this game is not perfect and definitely not for everyone. LittleBigplanet is a wonderful experience and something truly unique. I would definitely encourage you to pick up the game if you agree with the reasons stated above."

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Uwe_Boll3571d ago

The worst scoring system ever. It is bad enough with 9.5 etc but 9.67 would be stupid. Fanboys would argue over 0.01 of a score lol

Silly Mammo3570d ago

Hmmm...what a timely review...only 3 months too late.