The Disposable Video Game

Jason Evangelho writes:

"The average retail shelf life for a typical video game has shrunk so drastically in the past 15 years that if you're not plugged in to a 24/7 news feed, you could blink and miss it entirely.

For new IP's, developers spend weeks to months developing a solid gaming mechanic or concept. Writers enter the picture and flesh out a storyline, artists sketch out hand drawn storyboards and rough animations. Level designers work to add life and atmosphere to the game, voice actors are hired, programmers spend 1000's of hours tweaking code, composers breathe emotion into the audio. Marketing teams are deployed, etc etc.

That game could have a consumer's mindshare for as little as 1 week. And if they happen to buy it, only 20% of them will finish it.

Why is this happening? And why are we, the gaming audience, seemingly content with it? Are you a gamer who misses the love affairs we used to have with games from the 80's and 90's?

Put on your thinking cap, and come along as we explore the notion of 'Disposable Video Games.'"

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CrAppleton3147d ago

It's true.. you do miss quite a bit these days

CrAppleton3147d ago

It's a shame we can't spend more quality time with video games like we used to

bgrundman3147d ago

Yeah, jobs kind of get in the way of the fun.

Neco5123147d ago

ya they do, i remember staying home all day playing games, ah the good old days

supercharger51503147d ago

We could- we just wouldn't be able to have jobs... or really do anything other than playing games. And you'd almost have to specialize in one console/system

CrAppleton3147d ago

When was the last time you had a game that really made you want to spend hours and hours exploring every part?

roblef3147d ago

I'm more a story guy, myself. If the story leads to lots of exploring, I'm game. Fable II has been the one I've been into exploring lots lately.

killyourfm3147d ago

about 8 hours ago :-) The World ENds With You...

ammonator3147d ago

Fable II - 40+ hours over the past couple months.

supercharger51503147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I agree with Fable 2 but then I get too hung up on "Should I really have killed that innocent villager?" lol

Got quite in to Elder Scrolls on Xbox. I soon realized I may die before completing EVERYTHING and I gave up.

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CrAppleton3147d ago

You think that it might be because before the gaming industry was driven on passion for making games and now that's sort of shifted to simply a passion of making money?

bgrundman3147d ago

The only reason it is becoming all about making money is because developers are having a hard time staying afloat financially.

Neco5123147d ago

ya look at all the cuts companies are making, they need money, but at the same time it does suck

roblef3147d ago

It's always been about making money. Let's not get all misty-eyed and romantical about it. No one makes video games to give them away on a large scale. Pac Man ate my quarters, and now the Xbox eats my $50s.

roblef3147d ago

Intelligent, thoughtful, well-produced commentary on videogaming. I wonder why not a lot of heat on this one?

killyourfm3147d ago

Unfortunately, you know the answer to that Mr. Roblef :-(

ammonator3147d ago

It's not shiny and filled with explosions!

LeonSKennedy4Life3147d ago

I mean...people liked Transformers...

...for some reason.

thezuur3146d ago

no, we were tricked into thinking it would be fun.

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