Gaming Nexus: Persona 4 Review - Best PS2 Game Ever

Gaming Nexus writes: "Persona 4 came out in early December, and yet here we are just now getting to a review. I just completed the game, and I must say, I think I just finished the greatest game released on the PS2. Yes better than God of War, yes better than Resident Evil 4, yes better than all the years of Madden put together. Yes even better than Tony Hawk 3 that sits atop the PS2 Metacritic list somehow. Even Persona 3 is beaten in terms of sheer quality when compared to Persona 4. Atlus has done what I didn't think possible, even though a sequel is where you improve on a title it is rarely better than the source material. But everything in Persona 4 has been improved, the game looks better, the Social Link aspect of the game is beefier, and the combat is better, with more control given to the player, making it a much more enjoyable experience and less of a crap shoot. Overall, this game is one of the finest titles on the PS2, and is honestly the best swan song of a title the PS2 could receive."

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Danja3546d ago

definitely in my top 5 fave RPG's on the PS2 ever though...and best RPG of 2008.

TrevorPhillips3546d ago

I thought the best game on ps2 was God of War?

callahan093546d ago

If you're counting multiplatform games, you could make a case for Okami. It is a damn classic. There are some flaws in the game design though (some stupid timed missions and wonky brush stroke recognition), so it wouldn't be my pick. I would truly, honestly call Shadow of the Colossus *flawless* in game design, and it's an exclusive PS2 game, therefore I have to agree with Danja on this one.

KKanjiAnkh3546d ago

A monster title, even after what people think about the PS2's amazing life-span. I am glad to finally see Persona 1, being remade, on the PSP, "So long internet price hikers." I expect them to be doing the sequal as well.

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