Teenager breaks Guinness record for Guitar Hero III

A 14-year old teenager from Texas broke the world record for Guitar Hero III. Danny Johnson completed 'Through the Fire and Flames' for 99% which gave him a score of 973954 points, 75000 points more than the previous record. A video of him playing and an interview can be viewed after the jump.

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Hot_tea3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )


great episode of South Park, I rofld.

Neurotoxin3513d ago

Lol thats just what i was thinking.. haha

Megaton3513d ago

I always think of that when I think of Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

gololo3513d ago

rofl...i read the news, saw the video, and then i was going to post exactly what you posted....rofl

ThanatosDMC3513d ago

Wow, almost 1 million points by himself. Too bad he cant beat Stan and Kyle!

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peeps3513d ago

i'm sure ppl had competed it on expert at 100% way before now?? if so how can he get a higer score with only 99%. i know it depends on when u use ur start powers but the songs so fast ur score wouldn't vary much no matter where u used it :/

Austin_SJ3513d ago

I don't think it's been done 100%, I think this guy must have got a long note chain on x8.

MasterBlaster3513d ago

I could have swore that it's been FC'd before a few times. I know there are alot of bs fake videos out there but there are a few that I find hard to believe are fake.

Fishy Fingers3513d ago

Should of invested the same amount of time playing a real guitar. Still, dude must have lightening fingers!

ReTarDedFisHy3513d ago

I'd like to see this kid try and play the real thing.
But yeah, lightning fingers and HOLY SH!T reflexes.

VMAN_013513d ago

Real guitar is alot funner to learn IMHO .

ZootHornRollo3513d ago

another reason why there are losers playing the guitar and killing it for ever one else

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The story is too old to be commented.