Get Syphon Filter Free With This Month's Qore

1up: "Next week's episode of Qore (episode 9, for those keeping track) comes with the usual slate of content that we've come to expect from the digital magazine: A behind the scenes feature on The Godfather 2, coverage on the new features in MLB 09: The Show, a look at the technology behind Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and a special walkthrough of the co-op in Resident Evil 5. Whether you find this to be anymore interesting than the average episode of Qore or not, it's got a nice little bonus to reel you in -- a voucher for a free downloadable version of the original Syphon Filter."

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gta28003212d ago

Nice! Year su7bscriber here. Now I'm really looking forward to next months qore. I already played the crap out of Calling all Cars.

fishd3212d ago

Hmmmm...paving the ground for a new PS3 version???

PataponKnight3212d ago

Please let that be true! :X

iHEARTboobs3212d ago

And I hope so, the game was really fun.

OhReginald3212d ago syphon filter is coming me thinks....

spectyre3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I already bought Syphon Filter and Calling All Cars before I bought my subscription to Quore. Still... All will be forgiven if they announce a new Syphon Filter.

kewlkat0073212d ago

I loved the easy to pickup.