Jaffe: Resident Evil 5 Demo Not "Meh"

Resident Evil 5 might be taking a kicking across the great wide virtual tundra of the Internet, but it has at least one defender - God of War creator David Jaffe.

Jaffe noted that he is, "happy that the RE5 demo is really growing on him. At first I was kind of 'meh' on it, but it's really grown on me. I'm really digging it! :)"

Critics of the demo have been complaining, most notably, about the inability in the game to run and shoot simultaneously.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3480d ago

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

In my opinion,RE5 has outdated controls for an Action game.

Danja3480d ago

Controls feels outdated yes..

but im still a huge RE fan so I will atleast rent it 4 before deciding if it's worth a buy..

GrieverSoul3480d ago

Im with CHRIS HANSEN on this one!

Even though I know I wont be strong enough to resist the urge of buying the game. I might regret it but for the sake of nostalgia and previous iterations, I´ll buy it!

Silly me!

3sq3479d ago

There is "Jill". least there's her tomb...

PS360WII3479d ago

Yes I think fps and driving games have outdated controls as well -.-

gololo3479d ago

"In my opinion,RE5 has outdated controls for an Action game"
That is whats wrong with RE5 (and also 4)....its no longer horror its an action game, i guess it attracts a wider audience but at the price of hardcore RE I ain't saying the game is bad...just no longer REish...and that is sad (if i want to play and action TPS, I'd pick something else)

Panipal20053479d ago

Have you trolled every RE5 story on N4G yet? I just, I just see you doing that a lot. Looking for RE5 stories to troll. I'm sure there'll be some more posted tomorrow for must feel like it's Christmas every day!

pain777pas3479d ago

the game looks nextgen but doesn't play well. Seriously even if GOW plays like it did before with tweaks that was a next gen title on the PS2 just like Halo one which they should remake for the next xbox with seriously advanced graphics the sound they can keep exactly the same unless they want to update the voice acting but the music must stay the same and gameplay of course. Favorite xbox games jade empire and halo1 hands down.

Mini Mario3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

In my opinion,RE5 has outdated controls for an Action game. "

I dunno i think having to stand and shoot brings a whole new level of strategy that u have to work out. Plus halo hasnt changed the way its played from halo 2 so whos to say thats not out dated. I mean u have a gun and u shoot things, how much can u really do with it...without getting overly complicated.

Plus if it was like every other shooting game,.. then it would be just like every other shooting game!

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BLUR1113480d ago

Well I hope some people do find out that Capcom is going to give you the option to keep it old school OR turn the run and gun feature on

So the noobs will play it and stop judging from just the demo.

Chris Hansen3480d ago

No puzzles
No horror
No Jill
No Thanks

Kamikaze1353480d ago

But after playing the demo, I'll be passing on this one. I have absolutely no problem with the controls. I just hate having to run around and babysit my so called "partner". She kept taking the ammo I needed from the ground as well as herbs. The game feels much slower for some reason as well. Does Chris move slower than Leon in RE4?

I also hate how there aren't any zombies. Well, at least they don't seem like zombies in anyway. The person who wrote that story above mentioned how run and gun isn't part of a traditional RE game; I'm perfectly find with that. However, aren't zombies part of a traditional RE game as well? What about tons of puzzles? RE5 also seems so bright in comparison to other RE games....

Ok, I'll end my rant now, lol. But if you enjoyed the demo then do yourself a favor and buy it when it comes out and ignore us so called "haters", lol.

Raz3480d ago

I was underwhelmed. I have RE4 - I kept it, enjoyed it and still play it occasionally, actually - but something about this demo just rubbed me the wrong way.

I think it's the ambient, spooky quality RE4 (and previous installments) had. It drew you into the game, and while it never precisely made you jump, it definitely left you wondering what might be lurking around the next corner. The puzzles added another dimension to gameplay, and I really LIKED the old briefcase full 'o items.

This, though...this isn't ambient or spooky at all. It's a shooting gallery. And not a very good one, by modern standards.

3sq3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

It's hard to be spooky when there's co-op. If they remove Sheva Alomar, the game might get a little more scarier. Why RE4 more Spooky? It's because you are alone in most of the time, and the environments are mostly at night, dark and cold. And of course the music in RE4 is more scarier, but in RE5, they use native African music. I don't find it spooky nor scary at all.

Edit: Besides RE5 is not made/directed by the RE creator himself (Shinji Mikami).

Lombax3480d ago

Not a good Resident Evil.

Drano3479d ago

That is all.

Jump Beyond.

tako20003480d ago

Is it me or Jaffe really start to become famous in a not so game-developer way...

beavis4play3480d ago

jaffe needs to be working on his ps3 games and let all this other stuff go.

cayal3479d ago

Yeah, god forbid he spends 10 minutes away from work giving an opinion.

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