Is Windows 7 Ready for Prime Time?

PC Mag writes, "After Microsoft's confirmation on Monday that there won't be a second big beta release of Windows 7 and yesterday's announcement of the specific SDKs, most people I've talked to now believe that Windows 7 will indeed be finished this summer--and be on machines in time for the holiday season.

I've found a lot of things to like about Windows 7, and think most people will indeed prefer it to Vista. But to me, the most important thing is that Microsoft gets it right this time. I'd rather see it ship later than see Microsoft rush it out before it's ready.

Let me explain: Since Microsoft passed out the pre-beta release of Windows 7 at its Professional Developers Conference, I've been running various builds of the pre-release operating system as my primary Windows environment. (This isn't recommended for most users.) Since the start of the year, that means Beta 1, which I've run in both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In general, it's worked quite well for me--but there are still some issues that Microsoft and its partners need to work on before Windows 7 comes out. "

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Cool Hwhip3480d ago

Wait so they're killing Vista this Year?

verb3k3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

XP is much better

Azures3479d ago

Vista dying huh mr. commenter? You know 7 is just Vista w/ a Service Pack right?

Godmars2903479d ago

I'd call it Vista 2.0. Or Vista prime where, in MS's grand tradition, they put a "beta" out to retail and now that the majority of the bugs have been fixed, bugs that could be fixed with a service pack, they're putting out nearly the exact same thing again expecting people to pay for it all over.

Wife Of The Bad Guy3479d ago

Nope,as a person with both a machine running Vista Ultimate and a machine running Windows 7,there's nothing in the latter that will make me purchase it.

Azures3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

People purchase windows?

But srsly, it is the same thing. But since it was a rejected by a public generally dumb enough not to reach into the CP and turn off user access controls, they figure just calling it 7 is enough to make it more of a success.

They probably aren't wrong.

picoso363479d ago

How many times have we been burned by Microsoft blowing their wad prematurely to get product to market?

Azures3479d ago

blissful ignorance. Such a mindset escapes me by nature, a tortured existence I endure.

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