MeriStation: Resident Evil 5 Preview

MeriStation writes: "We have reached half the adventure of Chris and Sheva. A little over a month of its release, Resident Evil 5 is shaping up as a true audiovisual show, besides a great technical finish us many surprises in its intense and careful argument, full of winks to the franchise."

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Why dis3602d ago

I have never seen this quality of visuals in a console game.

Wow Thats screen of the Gator fight is jaw dropping.

AngryHippo3602d ago

....this game is visually stunning. That gator fight pic did make me want to play this game really bad. Probably one of, if not my most anticipated title of '09.

I can't believe people are moaning so much about this game.

Its going to be awesome, and from all the previews its a very impressive game.