Tips: How to make Killzone 2 better

Gamer.Blorge writes: "By now almost everyone should have had a chance to play the Killzone 2 demo off the PSN store. However, a few gamers may notice that the controls may not be completely tweaked to your liking. I wanted to take the time to show our readers how they can enhance their experience playing Killzone 2."

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3396d ago

Took me 2 Minutes to get accustomed to Killzone 2s control scheme,might be because I didn't start gaming on the Xbox 360.

TheHater3396d ago

Yeah it took me about 2 minutes to get accustom of the controls for Killzone 2. After I switch to the alternate 2 button layouts, it felt natural to me. But I would like to switch the melee button to "O" because I always use "O" to melee.

doG_beLIEfs3396d ago

I don't have much experience with FPS except for a few thru-out the years that hooked me completely. Within 20M or so, I was very comfortable with the default control. I probably will mess around with the controls and try other configurations...but I am not complaining.

I would like to know how old the build is, all I know from the date on the title screen is sometime in 2008.

The Heavy vid after the end of the demo looks to me like a newer build.

ThanatosDMC3396d ago

Yeah, i thought Alternate 2 was perfect. What are they whining about? I'm not gonna click their link.

jammy_703396d ago

i done just what he said and i agree so much
changed it now its perfect!

callahan093396d ago

This blogger is an idiot!

"Initially, I found the y-axis movement a bit slow for my liking. The x-axis was perfect, but the side-to-side view was a bit slower than what I was used to."

Doesn't he realize that the X-Axis is the side-to-side and the y-axis is up-and-down? Gee whiz.

And why is he complaining that he had to adjust the movement speed before it became "perfect". He literally says "I went into options>controls and cranked up the y-axis by two notches and it was perfect." Why are you complaining about that? Most gamers go into the sensitivity and adjust it to their liking. You'd think he couldn't get the sensitivity to his liking at all, but nope he just had to go to the options screen and make a two-second adjustment and he's ready to roll. Stupid complaint.

"I also changed the controller configuration to ‘Alternate 2,’ which pretty much makes it similar to Call of Duty by mapping the iron-sight to L1.
With these minor tweaks the controls became practically perfect for me."

There he goes again! Complaining that the default controls weren't his preference, so he made an adjustment in the options menu, and they were perfect! What is this guy on? I've never seen someone complain about which of the game's available options the developer's have as default. It's got nothing to do with the quality of the game.

And that's it! His whole article! Just those two complaints, both of which were about how he had to go into the options menu to select a different option because he didn't like the defaults. What a moron.

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Simon_Brezhnev3396d ago

yeah im sick of people complaining about controls though this is not COD4

The Hunter3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Lucky there are people they can find sort things out. You not! KILLZONE 2 Deserves the HYPE! And it is made in HOLLAND FTW!!

solideagle13396d ago

try to live in what they have and make there world beautiful.
some just whine about everything. now come on this is KILLZONE 2 u have to play it like it was meant to play it. dont try to make it COD or Halo. its killzone it has its own merits which surpasses everything out there.

The_Zeitgeist3396d ago

Good read man. I didn't have the controls down until my second play through. I don't have any problem but I will give the alternate 2 a try.

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