Do the Screens for Uncharted 2 Hint Towards Co-Op and Online Multiplayer?

Slashgamer Writes: "Judging by the screens, Drake's next journey looks to include a female sidekick joining him to shot baddies who are obviously trying to kill him. Not much is known about her and we wonder if she'll be a playable character. We are also contemplating her fighting along side with Drake, means the possibility of a multiplayer co-op mode. It certainly looks like it's headed in that direction and it definitely could work with a game like Uncharted."

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MonkeyMan3483d ago

oh man, this looks so good. There is defiantly going to be multi-player.

Hydrolex3483d ago

OMG I cannot wait to play Uncharted 2 !!! I bet all those screenshots are from the real game like the first one which people thought they were touched up and they werent

sonarus3483d ago

I wish they at least add coop. Its a great game they need to try to expand on it with some additional features besides just campaign

Danja3483d ago

I hope they implement online and offline co-op in the game....thats it..

Doppy3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I hope so, but Elina and Sully were with you in the first one and it didn't have co-op.

That being said this game looks absolutely amazing. As I said it doesn't look better than Killzone technically, but the art style is amazing.

UltraNova3483d ago

Technically killzone 2 is superior to Uncharted 2 because it uses for the most part Hollywood effects. Now in my eyes U2 looks more pleasing than Killzone 2. The colour pallet makes all the difference. Ok granted the pallet in KZ2 was intentional but still I find the art style and the vibrant colours if Un2 far more appealing..

Now if they tried to do more photo realistic characters that would be even better. I still feel that cartoonist vibe coming from them as in the first one...

jammy_703483d ago

it was so easy getting the platinum form uncharted cuz there was no multi player so it didnt take weeks to get it
but i like multiplayer and wud love it in this... multi + few trophies for it = WIN!

coolfool3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

that the single player doesn't suffer at the expense of an online multiplayer.


mfwahwah3482d ago


Don't forget about Heavy Rain.

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George Sears3483d ago

IDK man, Uncharted seems like the game that would look weird with multiplayer. Sort of like Bioshock. I don't mine online co-op (nor online multiplayer for that matter) but it's just that Uncharted doesn't seem like the game that would fit with that sort of thing.

Liquid Snake3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

I dunno I saw some similar screenshots for Uncharted 1 with Nate Drake and Elena in them, so did that mean Co-Op?

By the way i would want Co-Op in this game, espcially online co-op. It would certainly teach RE5 a lesson or two on how to do things.

penguinhunter3483d ago

It just seems like showing her in the screens fighting along side with him; looks like they could be showing off co-op. God, I hope it happens. At least have online battles!

It would play like Gears, but is that a bad thing?

Wife Of The Bad Guy3483d ago

It's going to have both CO-Op and competitive Multiplayer,I bet my Ps3 on it

Gerry Mark II3483d ago

You should NEVER use your PLAYSTATION®3 as a bargaining chip in gambling.

Use a Xbox 360 instead.

micro_invader3483d ago

I don't think it needs competitive multiplayer, co-op would be nice though.

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