The Bitbag Review: Savage Moon

The Bitbag writes: "In 2007, the web-based Desktop Tower Defense took a little-known RTS sub-genre and thrust it into wide-scale public acclaim, giving almost overnight rise to a plethora of follow-ons. Perhaps the most well-known of these in the console scene is Q-Games' PixelJunk Monsters, exclusive to PSN. Unsurprisingly, other developers are looking to cash in on the popular trend. Savage Moon, developed by relative newcomer FluffyLogic, is PSN's latest offering, and brings a few interesting tricks to the table."

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See Torrence, this is what you are suppose to be doing. I like when your site do "GAME" relate stuff such as reviews, I don't care about reviews to begin with, interviews and anything basically related to games. Anyway keep up the Game related stuff your site do.