Planet Xbox 360: Afro Samurai Review

PX360 writes: "There are dozens of games that utilize blood as one of their major components of the gameplay. Mortal Kombat made waves back in the '90's for gory fatality. Ninja Gaiden brought decapitations to the forefront. Even Microsoft's own Gears of War sprays blood all over the screen when you chainsaw your way through an enemy. So much blood, so much violence – and it's about to get much more brutal with the release of Afro Samurai. Afro Samurai is being published by Surge, Namco Bandai's new U.S. based publishing label. Based around the anime license, Afro Samurai takes credence in the hack-n-slash genre with over-the-top deaths and nonstop action. Add in the fact that Samuel L. Jackson provides voice-acting, you have a formula for a video game that is aimed for an adult crowd. There's nudity, cursing, bodies being split into two, and of course, excessive blood squirting from wounds. What else could you ask for if you're a college kid looking for something downright nasty in terms of violence?"

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