Killzone 2: QA Manager will investigate aiming lag in demo.

Seb Downie, QA Manager at Guerrilla Games has stated that he will look into the rumored controller/input/aiming lag that has split the Killzone 2 community in half.

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So Easy I Can Do It3482d ago

I didn't feel any lag, it felt realistic. Too bad i'm the unlucky 6% that gets motion sickness :(

Timberland2K93482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

it rocks better graphics im telling you the demo is not final

keep it on the title screen

Im On a 40Inch Sony Bravia Im not motion sick but i know the graphics are not running full throttle because its playin in 720p not 1080i

shawnsl653482d ago

woah u too? well the correct term is "simulator sickness" since it's a video game. Man everytime i play an FPS, i get super dizzy. People who don't get this are sooo lucky. I heard your brain will adapt to it if you feed it lil by lil over time.

Obama3482d ago

I can play fps all day and I don't feel a thing. Too bad I can't download the demo :(

Ninja-Sama3482d ago

I played the European demo and it was just amazing. But then again my TV has a 4 ms response time so maybe the problem is ppl's televisions?

doG_beLIEfs3482d ago

It works so well, I can DRINK BEER and eat on a fishing vessel. B4 I used my solution I was beyond sick, past throwing up.

My solution?

The wrist bands work INSTANTLY, whether you are sick or not. No side affects.

Max Power3482d ago

i don't think its peoples tv, i am rocking a 32" Vizio HDTV, i got it prolly 4 years ago so i am not to sure of the stats, but i am not experiencing lag and i too downloaded from my Euro account.

doG_beLIEfs3482d ago

I experienced no aiming lag. I have a Panny Plasma if that helps. No movement or turning lag either. I LOVE the real weight that the game gives you to your character and weapons. Most FPS for me feel floaty and TOO quick.

This game reminded me of the 1st time I played Golden-Eye.

RememberThe3573482d ago

I was the same way a while back when Halo came out. I couldn't play it at all, yet over time I got used to it. So give it time, and like you said, feed it slowly, it's worth it.

doG_beLIEfs3482d ago

I was popping off head-shots, pumping Helghast full of lead wherever I chose too. Popping in and out of cover, sprinting with ease. And for those of you wondering why it takes so many shots to take down a Helghast, use THEIR weapon...2 or 3 shots is the most it takes.

doG_beLIEfs3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

On the title screen it CLEARLY states 2008, since this is is logical to assume that this is an old build, probably the October 2008 one that was the pre-view build.

Don't know for sure, but I do know that the demo code is from sometime in 2008.

This is not unusual, MOST demos that I have played on the PSN are from older builds. RE5 is another one that contains an old build.

The gameplay video that shows a player taking down a Heavy sure looks like a cleaner build.

@Shawn right below me.

Trust me, it works...I have used them for years. Without them I get car sick, air sick, sea sick, FPS sick, basically ANY type of motion sickness and I get it. But these bands, they work beautifully.

Get them, its worth it.

shawnsl653482d ago

i stopped playing after the 2nd run through (almost threw up). maybe taking drugs (asprin) while playing will help quicken the adaptiveness hah. This only happens when i play any fps =/

i'm playing on a 40" lcd sitting 8 feet away.. should i sit further?

morganfell3482d ago

I am on a 52in XBR and I have no lag. There is a weightiness to the characters. They do not turn like other games because other games have players turning like a mouse pointer. Anyone that played the first Killzone is familiar with the feel

incogneato3482d ago

There is no lag, it is a brilliant decision by Guerilla Games to give a little delay/heaviness. It feels more realistic and it avoids dreded over aiming. I LOVE IT

Kleptic3482d ago

I don't even know what this 'lag' stuff is...or what people are referring to...

the dead zones and acceleration of the sticks are a certain thing from other shooters...I don't know what term to about...'different'...

it feels 'different' than cod...because its not don't float around a map as a turret...its not even the 'weight' that people keep talking that is there, but more in the sprinting and jumping effects...its just the turn speed is handled differently than cod...which is what people are used to...and probably why everyone is having a fit at first...

i've tore through this demo in 6 min. 22 seconds...with nearly nothing but head shots...and guarantee others have done it faster...if you accept the fact that it handles differently, and take a bit of time to get used to it...its very rewarding in the end...for the first hour of the beta, I couldn't do shat...but after a bit, i began to prefer it over other 'feels'...

now if people are really having like input lag, or TV response time issues...yeah...obviously that could be a bug with the game, and fixed...but i've played it on several different televisions without any problem...and this is why nearly any good TV retailer will explain to you to never buy a television with poor response time if you plan on gaming through it...or at least I think this is I said...i've never experienced it...

socomnick3482d ago

The so called aiming lag is not a technical problem that people are experiencing on their tvs. It is a gameplay decision that gg decided to include in the game for who knows what reason. Imo its a terrible idea, the way it handles turning is just bad. It has sluggish aiming that after prolonged turning accelerates very quickly and leads to over aiming and feeling helpless against campers. I dont understand how they could screw up a game on something so simple to fix. I wonder did they just ignore all the complaining after the beta or are they so arrogant that they did not care.

Ju3482d ago

6:22, hah ? Showoff! :-) LOL. I wanted to do a speed run but I always got caught up somewhere. Not because I die (not any more:), but because I need to check this or that, or go back and blow up all the shelfs in that warehouse, or all explosives. But one time, I will just run thru...

morganfell3482d ago

Really Socomnick just take a hike pal.

Ju3482d ago

"helpless against campers"...they will find out early enough that they'll have to hold the controller steady to make a clean shot. Guess what, snipers need skills in that game, too.

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FantasyStar3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

I think there's a difference between the US and UK demo. Some people are reporting no problem, while others are definitely saying there's a problem. Then TV setups come into account, which totals for one big headache at the QA Department.
I theorize that the UK demo being played on a NTSC console might be the problem, but I'm no developer: and I downloaded the VC demo from the UK store w/ no problem whatsoever which leads me to believe this is solely a problem with the demo itself.

caliblue153482d ago

No I get the lag in the US demo... I'm from US.

FantasyStar3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

weird....I hope this gets resolved soon. I got the UK demo and I get the lag. Bubbles up for the info.

happyface3482d ago

only ps3 fans will defend aiming lag as realism

I salute you dedicated fans!

voice_of_ reason3482d ago

Depends on what they are considering "lag"... it's all relative my friend!

PS-Wii-603482d ago

jumps to conclusions without using rationale or common sense.

I experienced absolutely NO lag...then again, all it takes is just one noob who can't draw a bead on his target to cry "lag" and all the haters jump on it like it's the last virgin at a keg party.

If there is a problem, then I have no doubt it has to do with people's television setups. It's the same reason why you have to calibrate for different tv types in Rock Band.

Ju3482d ago

No lag here, either.

redsquad3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

No lag here, just good gameplay - I hope you're not a "glass half empty" person over everything or your life will be miserable.

If people can't be patient enough to actually 'learn' a new gaming concept and want every FPS to be the same as the last then there's not much Guerilla can do to fix the 'problem'.

It's a part of the game design to add realism. Try moving your head from side to side: It starts slow then speeds up - If you snap your head to get the 'unifrom speed' effect of most FPS games, you'll do your neck in.

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Bricker333482d ago

I played the UK demo on my NTSC TV and PS3 and it works fine. I have a Samsung 37 inch 720p TV.

voice_of_ reason3482d ago

I have not experienced this supposed "aiming lag". I downloaded the Euro demo and gave my friend my gamestop code (We're both in the US btw). Neither of us have had any problems... plays like a dream! I'm curious if there is actually a problem or people just stirring up controversy...?

3482d ago
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