Killzone 2 on track to shatter Gears 2 day one sales?

A staggering 1.1 million is already pre-ordered in the European region and it's still early in the month, the demo just debuted and the major marketing still hasn't begun. America is rumored to be neck and neck with European numbers according to Amazon, Gamestop, and Wal*mart pre-order numbers, and surprisingly the Japanese seem to be interested in this FPS as well, which isn't very common in Japan...

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Timberland2K93597d ago

cool its about time the ps3 gets appreciated

JhawkFootball063597d ago

Many people still dont know about Killzone 2 . Some commercials would help

buy a ps33597d ago

hopfuly this game well shut up alot of the ps3 haters.

jaysquared3597d ago

Finally PS3 fans can actually play games on their GAME CONSOLE!

Traveler3597d ago

I own both consoles and I have been playing just as many games on my PS3 as my 360 (actually a little more), so I don't know what you are talking about.

LoydX-mas3597d ago

I guaranty everyone that owns a PS3 appreciates it.

This is about gamers appreciating a good game.

XxZxX3597d ago

Gear of War is going to be tear of war, chad warden style.

Blaze9293597d ago

I HIGHLY doubt Killzone 2 will be shattering any records day 1, but just sell good. Gears is an established franchise now, most people still dont even know about Killzone 2, ironically, like Little Big Planet. Hopefully that will change with the coming AD campaign "coming" from Sony this month.

Gears 2 did what, 4 mil it's first month? First two months? 2 Mil its first day was it? I expect Killzone 2 to do 4 mil at least in it's lifetime. Let's not get ahead of ourselves people.

But then again, *looks at the website reporting this*....its funny, i didnt know US pre-order numbers we're revealed. apparently HHGS has the exclusive.

Cryxen3597d ago

hiphopgamer is pathetic

pswi603597d ago

I agree 100%. Sales numbers don't matter, why are Sony fans falling for this tripe?

Sales don't matter people, stop getting sucked in to HHG crap articles and hype, it's not helping anything. Gears 2, Halo 3, KZ2 and R2 are all good games, stop listening to this idiot before you all are acting like retarded fanboys, throwing up sales data and other BS.

If KZ2 sells that well, great, but really, walk away from HHG and his own version of propaganda. It's time to start acting like gamers again people.

Rock Bottom3597d ago

How did I knew this was a hiphopgamer article just by reading the title?

Bubbles to whoever get the answer. :)

FantasyStar3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

HHG always does his usual "question mark?" title. Could be a good thing or a bad thing. And usually his titles always ask the majestic. like....

PS3 Price cut?
Is Wii on track to outsell both 360/PS3 by 4x?
Will 2009 finally be the year of the PS3?
Sony's poor advertising leads to Killzone 2 flop?

stuff like that sorta.

Timberland2K93597d ago

There is no way this is final build which blows me away because they said that killzone 2 runs in 1080i this ran in 720 P

someone confirm?

Timberland2K93597d ago

The graphics look way better right there way better im telling you this is not final build because the clip i just seen after the demo was way better than the graphics on the playable demo im telling you

Danja3597d ago

I dont know why u have so many dis-agrees when u speak the truth..

ppl should not get ahead of themselves .....while KZ2 could become the fastest selling PS3 exclusive ...we dont know if it will sell 2 million on day one. I would love if this happens , but I can't see it happening just yet .....Gears 2 had tons of marketing and money pumped into the ad campaign lets see how Sony handles KZ2 ..b4 we start setting ourselves up 4 disappointment.

Sayai jin3597d ago

@Danja - We all know why he is getting all the disagree. Even though his statement is pretty accurate.

I am glad to see KZ2 getting all of the love it is getting. It is Sony's job to advertise this game. Advertise on a very high level. I think they should have started this around the holidays. If Sony does not hype and advertise this game big time it would be a disservice to GG. For example, the Halo name has been a big name for MS. So MS returned the favor to the develop by having one of not the biggest launch for Halo 3. Did you see the star studded event they had in NY, NY. They hyped the game up beyond belief and had a launch that was hard to forget. Gears 2 was similar to the adverts. It's a win win for the company, because you are guaranteeing more sales for your console and revenue and you are illustrating to the dev great respect and appreciation.

Anyways, why does this guy always have titles that end in a question mark?

That is my only beef with Sony, the fact they have skimped on advertising on their big exclusives. These great games deserve better.

jammy_703597d ago

theres plenty for us from MGS4 , uncharted to motorstorm
360 has f*k all in 09 so you can shut up!

btw demo was awesome! it will i think :D

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grantps33597d ago

if amazon and gamestop are telling the truth than between the US and europe....killzone is already at 2 million, and its about 3 weeks till launch, and before the advertisement campaign......Holy crap!


MeatAbstract3597d ago

Ha, maybe Sony can take that 2million they have for the advertiesment and buy the GG's team some hookers for their hard work. The game is gonna make them alot of money back anyway!:P

But Seriously, that is a lot of pre-orders. I wonder how many pre-ordered the game after playing the demo? I know I was one of them!

Rock Bottom3597d ago

Haha, 2 million for hookers, I bet they could afford Paris Hilton.

MeatAbstract3597d ago


You're right mate, they could get Paris Hilton but I personlly wouldn't want the GG team to die of sypallis!:P They need to do a Killzone 3 dammit!

The Matrix3597d ago

Well, OBVIOUSLY IT has a chance to break that record because while the 360 had a large amount of games to choose from (gears, l4d, fable 2), the PS3 only has Killzone. You either play killzone or nothing. Thats why I like my 360 better at the moment: more game selection.

callahan093597d ago

Wow Matrix, that's quite a twisted defensive stance you've got there. Way to spin it like a top!

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TrevorPhillips3597d ago

Killzone 2 is seriously one of the most amazing games ive played the graphics where amazing hands down

interrergator3597d ago

and wats awsome is that its only runnin 720 and its still awsome

Consoldtobots3597d ago

yes I must say that KZ2 has finally given me the total immersion I have been looking for since I used to watch the cinematics in quake 3 and wondered how long it would be till we got there.

chidori6663597d ago

lmao... 360 fanboys is worried of kill zone 2...

360 say: never kill zone 2 surpasses my gears ... never!

and kz2 in the first day pwnds the gears 2 than 3.0 millions of sales.... :)

Shaka2K63597d ago

Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 day one sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 Story? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 co-op? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 graphics? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 physics? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 gameplay? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 sound? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 reviews? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 day 2 sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 day 3 sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 day 4 sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 one week sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 one month sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 one year sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 one decade sales? Yes.
Killzone 2 on track to shatter Grays 1.5 one century sales? Yes.

Killzone 2 the best Shooter in the history of gaming only playable on Sony PS3.(No PC!!!!).

blackbeld3597d ago

AGREE!!!! KILLZONE will sell more then gears and halo..

cryymoar3597d ago

even is half of the Gears of War 2 day 1 sales were pre-orders, Killzone 2 passed it up.

I don't think many people who pre-ordered Killzone 2 won't pick it up on day 1.

ultimolu3597d ago

...*still speechless about demo*

Traveler3597d ago

I know. Isn't it amazing.

patronnessy3597d ago

Wished it was longer. What a tease

trancefreak3597d ago

im still practicing with the cover system. Alternate 2 is my control scheme but its hard to zoom and use cover @ same time that way. Ill get it.