The Killer?

Agent-X from Hiphopgamershow writes:

I've seen alot of articles about how a PS3 game like Resistence, Killzone, and Uncharted will be the Halo or gears killer.

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TrevorPhillips3454d ago

There is no reason to fight over games anyway, i mean there made so people can enjoy playing not to start a world war

brycespitler3454d ago

gave you a response on your site
check it out X

The_Zeitgeist3454d ago

It's just people that want to justify their purchase. Its a natural human emotion. If you bought Porsche and a friend bought a Mustang you would want to race right?

Anyways I agree people should just enjoy games and not argue about them.

In closing the Killzone 2 demo while short was amazing. I love the controls and the look of the game. There is just so much detail in everything.

pswi603454d ago

please stop listening/reading/giving web hits to HHG

he is no better than any other fanboy out there. he makes all of us look bad, no matter what side you are on.

Sony fanboys need to set a better example. We get a good game, great. But dont let this propaganda drag on and on. I mean christ, HHG has made KZ2 sound like its the God and baby Jesus resurrected on the holy cross..give it a rest!

Get yourself KZ2, get yourself Halo Wars, shut off the internet, and get back to your roots.

And stop listening to HHG!

thats_just_prime3454d ago

thehiphopps3fanboy is a member of the SDF

Danja3454d ago

It's not the gamers that are creating these "Halo , Gears , Mario , GT " killer statements blame the media.....

dalibor3453d ago

I hadn't had internet for the past 7 months(yeah i managed so can you)... when i did get it about 2 weeks ago i logged in n4g.... what do i see... the same 'ol bullsh*t, biased articles & "this game whipps your games butt" arguments. Man nothing has changed has it? haha. Its a never ending war it seems haha.

jammy_703453d ago

is gears and uncharted killer.....

is halo a killzone2 killer.....

blah blah blah just shut up and play!

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TrevorPhillips3454d ago

haha which site i got 2 of them techworldwide or hiphopgamershow dawg :)

TrevorPhillips3454d ago

i just read it thanxs man lots of kudos for you :)

Wife Of The Bad Guy3454d ago

NEWSFLASH:Gears of War and Halo are not the highest selling games of all time and are neither the greatest games of all time in terms of gameplay,they are simply Xbox+PC games with good gameplay and good sales.

Take Halo,Gears of War,and Forza,COMBINE the sales of each franchise,and you STILL have sales that are less than that of the Gran Turismo franchise.

Call me when Microsoft have a GT killer.

The_Zeitgeist3454d ago

That's the way to stick with the point of the article.

*note sarcasm*

N4Garbage3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

Well to stick it to you.

Gran Turismo debuted in 1997 and its sequels spanned across 3 platforms with 2 of them exceeding 100+million consoles sold.

Gran Turismo Series all together sales is 50million.
Halo series all together is 25million...

So in less time with only 1/5 of the install base available compared to the Playstation brands the Halo series is halfway up to the entire Gran Turismo series in sales.

That's rather impressive if you ask me.

Served :D

Unicron3454d ago

.....this again? Killer is a media term made to get hits. Don't fall for their crap.

bassturd3454d ago

notice how many of these stupid articles are coming from

Every time I click on these headlines and see a link to their site now...I don't even bother.

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