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Ballmer: Stay on Windows XP and You Will Face a Backlash

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is warning IT organisations that they risk provoking an end user backlash if they don't move off the XP operating system.

"If you deploy a four or five-year old operating system today, most people will ask their boss why the heck they don't have the stuff they have at home," the Microsoft CEO said. (PC, Tech)

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BulletToothtony  +   2484d ago
i was planning on upgrading to windows 7 but nevermind
this guy pissed me off too much
meepmoopmeep  +   2484d ago
MSFT will create a virus that will slowly wipe out any XP owners or older Windows OS

/conspiracy theory

iseven  +   2484d ago
meep, i could totally see that kinda stuff happening. Could someone make a virus to kill IE6 ALREADY?!?!?!
BrianC6234  +   2484d ago
I think I better start upgrading all of my users at my office. I just can't decide on which yet. Should I go with OS X 10.5 or 10.4? Maybe I'll see if Linux can do what we need. I sure don't want a backlash from users because they're stuck with Windows XP.
XxZxX  +   2484d ago
surprisingly 4 and 5 years old Operating system is more stable and won't have any problem with old corporate software that we are using. In short, we like to keep it simple stupid. Why upgrade if it's aint broken for now. Backlash, That's just a trend you trying to create. We all know Corporates and Company are very slow at upgrading. Why? Home stuff cant crash everyday no problem. In IT, crashing software = losing productivity. running out excuses to push your OS, ballmer?
morganfell  +   2484d ago
"...most people will ask their boss why the heck they don't have the stuff they have at home," the Microsoft CEO said.

You tell your employees 1 of 2 things.

1 - Because if your home PC dies you might lose some family photos. But if the work PC dies you lose the business. That's a high price to pay for a broken file system and some flashy icons.


2 - We don't have the same thing at work that you have at home because we are not smart enough to run Linux.
thebudgetgamer  +   2484d ago
steve balmer is gonna personaly go around punching people in the face it they still use xp
dont think he wont neither

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thebudgetgamer  +   2484d ago
double post
but serious he will punch you in the face

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thats_just_prime  +   2484d ago
That title is pure flamebait.

I doubt anyone ask their boss that. Plus it not uncommon for business to use old software and computer those things cost money and small business cant afford it and large ones are to greedy to pay for it.
XxZxX  +   2484d ago
large one are greedy?? It clear shows you have no understanding of how a corporate IT works. Upgrading software in company not only cost a fortune, it also forced all employees to retrain the skills and sometimes it is just not worth the upgrade, in efficiency wise.
So thats just prime, no worry. take your time, you will understand this when you grow up.
BrianC6234  +   2484d ago
"steve balmer is gonna personaly go around punching people in the face it they still use xp"

I hope he does. I could use a few billion dollars I'd get when I sue him.
ThanatosDMC  +   2484d ago
@ meepmoopmeep
Hhmmm... something that will make all the old OS users regret worldwide in a matter of seconds.... hmmmm... i doubt it's a virus so it must be Chuck Norris!

It'll happen in an instant, the seconds are just there just because he's thinking of which side of everybody's face is he going to roundhouse.

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Eddie20101  +   2484d ago
People wouldn't be sticking to Windows XP if they had done a better job with Vista, and now instead of fixing Vista, they make Windows 7 and expect people to pay for a new operating system.

There is a trend here, seems to me they did the same thing with Window Me. replaced a working OS with a half working OS (Windows Me) and then created a better OS to replace the half working OS.

When do people wise up and decide what is good for them, instead of big Business (Microsoft) doing d the decision making for them. I will not be buying window 7 (Microsoft cash cow)
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paul-p1988  +   2484d ago
Dam rite he, i mean i, will roundhouse people who still use XP. The Chuck only uses open source software, and will roundhouse kick you, run around the world, then punch you on the other side of the head in just under 1 second if you dont use open source. And dont think i wont!!

Steve Ballmer, you wanna try to bury me? MY BEARD WILL F***IN BURY YOU WITHOUT THE GIRLY CHAIR THROWING!!
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Alcon  +   2484d ago
After Vistas flop, he is kinda desperate that this one will do well lol
Mr_Bun  +   2484d ago
As a consumer, there is nothing I like more than to be threatened by the corporation that developed the product that I currently use
Anon1974  +   2484d ago
I work for a company that employees 80,000 people...
..and we just got Windows XP on our systems last year. After all the testing that needs to go on in the first place to make sure XP was compatible with the rest of our systems, there's no way in hell we'll upgrade to Windows 7.

As for facing a backlash when people ask "Why aren't we using the same operating system as I use at home"?

Recently they started issuing laptops that came with Vista pre-installed and we've had nothing but problems, nothing works as it should and most are left paralyzed if they try to do any work from home. The only thing people are asking is "How do we get XP on these blasted things."
pixelsword  +   2484d ago
He needs to ditch that four or five-year old shirt...
...and quit trying to be Terry Bradshaw's twin.
Ghoul  +   2484d ago
Microsoft announced yesterday that it will issue discounted upgrade licenses to customers moving from Windows XP to Windows 7.

??? WTF i DEMAND i mean it I DEMAND a refund for this crap called vista i payed money for.
majorsuave  +   2484d ago
Basically he says, stop using XP.
Install Vista.
In 6 months we'll tell you Vista is broken, install Win7.

That or he means, Install Linux.
Beast_Master  +   2484d ago
I am an IT guy, and I have never seen Vista installed on a machine and it not have constant problems. more Blue screens of death than ever before. Plus it is so incompatible with so much corporate software I have never seen it implemented by an entire organization. Ballmer needs to STF Up and start making reliable products.
ChickeyCantor  +   2484d ago

if all they use is Microsoft office or something simular go for linux and download OPEN OFFICE 3. It can do everything MS office can and its FREE.
It will save you guys sh/tloads of money.
MasFlowKiller  +   2484d ago
so they want
so they want companies to move to and unstable operation System, do they want the rest of their companies to stat using linux?

vista does not know how to handle CPU resource.

currently using fedora 10 until windows 7 but if windows 7 is just Vista with patches then back to Fedora for me
UnwanteDreamz  +   2484d ago
IT departments will never trust your new software, and this is why.

aftrdark21  +   2484d ago
after reading the title
I can't help but think of those Stride chewing gum commercials. Maybe Microsoft will start doing commercials like that...


Upgrade from XP or ELSE... LOL
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IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2484d ago
I don't know why there is so much Windows Vista hate. I used Vista for a while now, and it has it quirks, but overall it made me so much more efficient at finding stuff.

For a regular user (non-techy) Windows Vista is a huge improvement sans the technical requirement.

Windows Vista has increased usability significantly and is considerably better than XP. It is just the haters that are afraid of change and recite stupid blog articles that give no reason for why Vista is poor. It really is for the most part a perception problem.
Nonsense 4 Gamers  +   2484d ago
@ thebudgetgamer
I think the Onion New Network did a story on Ballmer last year. They started it off by saying:

"In other news, 27 people were bruised when a man went on a punching spree."

They didn't specifically mention Steve Ballmer, but I think it's safe to assume he was the perpetrator ;)
The Lazy One  +   2483d ago
and so continues...
the streak of taking a reasonable quote from a microsoft executive, and turning it into something offensive or aggressive.
WaitStation 3  +   2483d ago
personally, I like Windows 7 but I don't think that comment was necessary to get XP users to switch for most users right now are impressed with Windows 7 and what it could do

pictures are worth a 1000 words. Stop putting those sweaty pictures of Balmer up, it's disgusting
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squallsoft   2484d ago | Spam
Sunny_D  +   2484d ago
i wish i could change to a mac. but i guess i will stay with good ol' XP until the backlash come and gets me! (:
Wife Of The Bad Guy  +   2484d ago
Release an unstable OS and YOU will face backlash
Theoneneo81  +   2484d ago
that is why mac is gaining in the pc market share.
somekindofmike  +   2484d ago
@ Theoneneo81
I don't know why people disagreed with you,

Apple OS X is gaining market share and Microsoft Windows is loosing Market share.

I am one of those who switched about 6 years ago, and the reason was unreliable OS so 0.000000001% of the statistic is me!
kosovo  +   2484d ago
Ballmer is a joke!
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2484d ago
Hes just in the need of some deodorant. Probably should go with antiperspirant.
sinned47  +   2484d ago
is that all sweat?
Saladfax  +   2484d ago
Sadly yes. He has a reputation for being... energetic.
Lord Anubis  +   2484d ago
that's the result of this:

Kaneda  +   2484d ago
The sad thing is people actually applaused for that.
Leio  +   2484d ago
Have you seen the Zune-guy?? Microsoft have many extraordinary fans
UnwanteDreamz  +   2484d ago
That was so painful to watch.
Saladfax  +   2484d ago
The only way they'll ever get any loyalty back is to make Vista 2.0 (otherwise known as Windows 7) either free or heavily discounted for current Vista users.

Of course Ballmer is Satan and would never do such a thing.
Highatus  +   2484d ago
I believe he should keep his mouth shut until MSFT can make a reliable OS without forcing people to buy/upgrade components.

Last time i checked an OS is supposed to run interior programs installed within the OS not bog them down in order to run the OS itself.

Large companies aren't going to convert to an OS that requires so much to run and keep maintained when they themselves require so little to run their office software, and can do so on an already (mostly)stable OS. If i were an IT i wouldn't want the friggin headache.
no-spin  +   2484d ago
they are consistent
in shoving new crap by force on unwanting costumers,
MS is the equal of $hit
trancefreak  +   2484d ago
some major corps still use windows 2000.
ChilliDemon  +   2484d ago
I was on Windows 2000 at work until my PC started to die before Christmas. I requested a new one .... with XP on it. And after Christmas I replaced my old home laptop with a brand new one .... with XP on it.
Reshun  +   2484d ago
Leave me alone
I like my XP..
Pleth  +   2484d ago
He looks like...
A salad dodger version of Jim Cramer from that Mad Money show on CNN. Always 2 nanoseconds away from full cardiac arrest.
callahan09  +   2484d ago
MSNBC. But I agree with you nonetheless.
Pleth  +   2484d ago
MS will simply outdate SQL. Mix up the 1's and 0's enough and companies can stay on thier XP intranet all they want. Try and upload to an FTP or remotely and dun dun dun....Teal Screen Of Death! (Blue is so passe')
Godmars290  +   2484d ago
Funny thing about that,
If Windows 7 isn't all that MS promises, the final version comes up with issues that don't show up in the beta version, then the only choice will be Linux or some other OS. With XP suddenly failing for no good reason and any problems with W7, MS's credibility will be non-existent.
Theoneneo81  +   2484d ago
Hey Ballmer
Why dont you fix the piece of crap that is known as vista or a beter idea why didnt you just relase windows 7 first insdead of vista since you knew it was better in the first place.

this is why im staying on mac atleast i know i always have a stable OS all the time.
Obama  +   2484d ago
I am still using xp, and have no plans to upgrade to a window 7 yet.

I wonder if google will come out with an os..I will definitely use that.
Godmars290  +   2484d ago
So, help me out here
Is what he's saying is that Windows 7 will be so welcomed by the private consumer that business that continue to use XP will start to fall behind early W7 adopters?

Sorry, but wasn't it people taking Windows home from where they worked that put MS in the position it is today?

And what exactly are the major leaps that W7 is suppose to have over XP again? Thought it just looked prettier and wasn't as much a co*kup as Vista.
DJ  +   2484d ago
Ballmer still believes his sales team.
Businesses want to stay on XP because that's what almost every employee has at home. It's familiar, stable, and easy to use. Plus you don't need a $1000+ PC to run it properly.
Hitmaker  +   2484d ago
Cool Hwhip  +   2484d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2484d ago
What IT guy in his right mind is running on Windows Vista right now???
evrfighter  +   2484d ago
i moved from xp to vista one on pc and 7 beta on another. Tell me what's wrong with it?

I've used xp for years and didn't have a problem switching to ultimate. However I didn't pay for it as I was able to get a legit copy from a friend.

The majority of Vista's problems lies with M$ telling ppl it'll run fine with 1gb of ram. They would have been fine if 2gb was made the minimal system requirement seeing as how 4gb of ram is selling for around $30-$40 that shouldn't be a problem for ppl. I myself run it with 4gb I have 2 more 2gb sitting in a box waiting for the 64 bit edition of 7.
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Senden  +   2484d ago
God what a moron! Seriously.. in one corner you have windows xp, stable, easy to use and can run on a variety of systems (I even managed to get it to work on an old 486 lol!)In the other corner you have a complete resource hog that requires a very good computer to run it proficiently... I know which one i'd go with.

Also from a company's point of view, why upgrade what doesn't need fixing? For a lot of companies, upgrading to vista would mean being forced to upgrade all the company computers. Not only that, because vista is so different from xp, they'd have to retrain all their staff in how to use vista.

Microsoft's incompetancy astounds me sometimes.. well you know how the saying goes, if you have an idiot, promote him!
somekindofmike  +   2484d ago
Judging by Microsofts recent track record you'd be mad to plan to upgrade to Windows 7 at least until it's been out long enough to see how good / reliable it really is in the real world.

First adopters are basically guinea pigs who have to suffer all the unseen problems with early microsoft OS releases'
somekindofmike  +   2484d ago
Also wait...

Isn't Windows XP the majority OS used in homes?

in that case we should all be using XP and never face changing to a system being used by the minority or WE WILL FACE BACKLASH!!!!
devilhunterx  +   2484d ago
Darwin's missing link found!
callahan09  +   2484d ago
!!! Good one. I actually let out a big "HA!" when I read your comment.
lokiroo420  +   2484d ago
Amy good gorilla. Ugly gorillas, ugly, go away.
chkaiban  +   2484d ago
People at home using WHAT?
Someone must tell Microsoft's monkey that even the end users at their homes are using or reverting to Windows XP because their new so called operating system (Vista) sucks big time
oldsnayke  +   2484d ago
I have to agree - Vista sucks.
sak500  +   2484d ago
wrong area
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Gobuz  +   2484d ago
Basically he's saying buy windows 7 or I'm fired.
tudors  +   2484d ago
Said it before....
Windows 7 should be free or heavily discounted for those who bought Vista, I am not anti microsoft like some on this site but they are trying to pretend Vista never happened, it's there mess so they should fix it.


"Microsoft recently revealed that it will move directly from beta 1 of Windows 7 to release candidate, implying a quicker release of the new OS than initially expected. Additionally, Microsoft announced yesterday that it will issue discounted upgrade licenses to customers moving from Windows XP to Windows 7"

So there are discounts then, but it does not mention Vista, the artcle is a little bit of a flamebait, not as bad as some made out.
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frictionini  +   2484d ago
I too am sensing that MS will do anything to screw XP users...
I might turn off the auto-update for now knowing M$...
da7dal  +   2484d ago
Developers Developers Developers Developers
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LeShin  +   2484d ago
Yeah right!
...because in this economic climate, spending money on a new OS and ALSO having to buy computers that can run it without any problems would make a lot of financial sense for companies.

Rai  +   2484d ago
he looks like an asshole everytime i see a picture of him..like the penguin in batman
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