The Wii Hits Hard Times : Media Create Sales: 01/26 - 02/01 (Hardware)

Wii: "uh-oh!"

ChartGet has posted this week's Media Create hardware data once again, and the Wii is on the ropes with only 23k sold--closer and closer to PS3's 17k mark.

The DS, powered by the DSi revision, continues to see sustained growth and sees a combined 70k in sales. The PSP also had a solid week with 44k sold.

The 360 and PS2 are both still under 10k.

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PantherLotus3301d ago

I know the economy is bad and all, but wow. Do you think this is because the main Wii audience in Japan (old people and younger kids) are less likely to purchase games during economic hardship than their hardcore counterparts?

I think it's possible. It will be interesting to watch software sales over the coming year to see if the worldwide recession hits the more casual systems harder than it does the hardcore systems.

Parapraxis3301d ago

You may be right PantherLotus, a lot of people getting Wii's I believe treat it as a luxury item, whereas the hardcore gamer will buy a console do to the fact it's an essential part of their life.
Or I could be completely wrong.

(on a side note, how long do I have to wait for a damn confirmation on GAF? lol)

thebudgetgamer3301d ago

people like us buy games like it was groceries. its a necessity in our lives.


OGharryjoysticks3300d ago

I skip groceries from time to time during weeks when hot new releases are coming :)

True story.

Aclay3300d ago

Good point Panther, I never really thought about that before, but it's possible. The majority of the Wii's audience (kids) depend on their parents to buy games for them, and with money being more tight, then I'm sure parents aren't going to be buying games as many Wii games (if any at all).

If Wii sales slow down a lot in the U.S., I wouldn't be surprised if a Wii price cut comes and the price cut should spark up sales again. For what the Wii does and it's capabilities, personally I don't think it's worth $249 anymore... I think it should be like $179 or $199.

With the release of big games like Star Ocean 4, RE5, FFXIII, and possibly GT5 and Versus XIII in Japan this year, I think those games have a big potential to divert a lot of attention away from the Wii.

thebudgetgamer3300d ago

me too i am currently stocking up on top ramen and kool-aid so i can buy Killzone 2 and street fighter 4.


Rock Bottom3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I think this is because almost every one in Japan who wanted a Wii already got one.

Also I think Japanese are getting more into the PS3, with Yakoza 3 coming out and FFXIII later this year, PS3 will have an awesome year in Japan.

XxZxX3300d ago

you guys miss the point, the main point, XBOX 360 again dead last.

callahan093300d ago

Wow. If memory serves me right, the PS3's been sitting at about 17,000 each week for the past month, and the Wii's been declining each week. Will it be long now before the PS3 actually starts outselling the Wii in Japan? That's be somethin' else.

ChickeyCantor3300d ago

And yet gamers don't make every good "hardcore" game reach a 10 million mark in sales.

No offense but Core gamers are as casual as casual gamers.

a HARDCORE gamer is playing games more than a regular gamer, that's all.

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darthdevidem013301d ago

With Yakuza 3 & RE5 is it possible that the PS3 may actually outsell the wii for a couple of weeks

PantherLotus3300d ago

I'm not sure how much it would mean. PS3 needs to outsell the Wii for a sustained period of time, not 'a couple weeks.'

This is only the begin.

Aclay3300d ago

"With Yakuza 3 & RE5 is it possible that the PS3 may actually outsell the wii for a couple of weeks "

Also, in addition to the games you listed with the FF VII Advent Children PS3 bundles in April, I have no doubt the PS3 is going to be selling some huge numbers in Japan when those bundles come out.

Kushan3300d ago

The PS3's sales are quite close to the Wii's sales, but interestingly that could even mean that the 360 outsells the Wii when Star Ocean gets released, it barely needs to triple it's weekly sales at this rate. Might only happen once, but it'd still be pretty spectacular since it's Japan.

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cmrbe3300d ago

but then again this is post Holiday sales plus people might be waiting for Yakuza 3 and that FF bundle.

Danja3300d ago

I agree also...Yakuza , RE:5 and SR4 bundles will surely spur sales...

snipermk03300d ago

And I think people have started realizing that..

crck3300d ago

Its sad but even with those numbers the Wii is still outselling the PS3 by 50% per week.

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